Thursday, December 29, 2011


Spk2Me in the Rollin' Convoy

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As I set off on my commute to work this morning, I couldn't help but notice the message on the Causeway's jumbotrons.

"Fog on bridge. Rolling convoy in progress. Headlights on. No lane changes."

All I could think was,

"Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy...

Cuz we got a little convoy rockin' thru the night

Yeah we got a little convoy ain't she a beautiful sight

Come on and join our convoy ain't nothin' gonna get in our way

We gonna roll this truckin' convoy across the USA Pontchartrain

Okay, so I really wasn't that excited, nor was the convoy much of a beautiful sight. But as my New Jersey friends say, "It is what it is. What are you gonna do?"

Into the dense fog I proceeded, along with countless other commuters suspended over a 24 mile expanse of water on just a couple of southbound lanes of concrete. As I was leisurely putting along at an average of 30 miles per hour, I became wrapped up in my thoughts about the day and weekend ahead. Then, my thoughts quieted---amazing, I know. Suddenly I noticed the license plate of a car in the lane next to me.

It said, "SPK2ME."

I kind of brushed it off for a bit, but due to this convoy the license plate just kept staying in my line of vision. Why?

Finally I said, "Okay, Lord, I get it. I am here. I hear you loud & clear." Then I proceeded to remind Him (& myself) of Who He is and to thank Him for Who He is in my life and for all of the blessings He bestows on me.

As I was speaking to him, I noticed a pelican in the fog off to my right. This pelican intrigued me, as they always do. It was flying through the fog as if this dense mist put no damper whatsoever on its flight path. This pelican was assured of where it was flying and appeared calm and graceful as it flew. I, too, was calm and unafraid as I was driving across this bridge through thick clouds of fog.

How can that be?

Well, the pelican and I share something in common (other than being Louisiana residents)...we both know this territory well due to daily travel throughout it. Even through the fog, I know what lies ahead on this bridge. I know that at Mile Marker Sixteen I will be on top of the one and only draw-bridge portion of the Causeway. I know that every three and a half miles there is an emergency crossover / turnaround if needed. And, I know that this is a straight bridge with no curves to the right nor left.

I imagine the pelican knows similar details about its flight path and resting points. It definitely knows where the fish are, as evidenced by the sharp sudden dives beak-first into the water!

You see, the pelican and I both know that this is the same bridge, sky, and water in the fog as it is in the clear. No matter what we can or cannot see, the secure and constant surfaces and forces that hold us up are still there and are as firm and dependable now as ever. Our sight, or lack thereof, does not change their presence nor stability.

Another thing that keeps me at peace when I can barely distinguish the sky from the water from the edge of the roadway is knowing that the pace-setting vehicle leading the convoy is guiding us through and keeping us safe. Though I cannot always see the flashing lights of the guiding vehicle, I know it is there ahead of us and I trust its driver to guide us through the dense fog to safety at the other end of the bridge.

You can draw your own conclusions, but for me this morning was definitely a time of my faithful God reminding me of His constant presence, reliability, guidance, protection and provision for me.

  • He reminded me of my preparation for these times of fog in life.
  • He reminded me that He has always protected me and even grown me through these times.
  • Even when I did not trust Him in past fogs, I am still able to look back and see that I was safe the entire time---safe because He was leading me---safe because He was protecting me.

Are you in a foggy time of life right now?

Do you know and trust the Pace-setter and Guide?

He not only knows these misty paths you are on---He created them.

He has walked though tougher times than these

and made it through victoriously

so that we can have victory and peace as well.

How will you remind God (and yourself) of Who He is today

and Who He has proven Himself to be in your life?


Haelie is a follower of Christ, wife, mother of a six-year-old son, and a full-time Nurse Informaticist by profession. Her personal blog is To Not Decide...Is To Decide and you can also find her on Twitter. Her life mission is to be a voice, both written and audible, that unapologetically points to Christ and His sovereignly redemptive love and forgiveness.

Haelie, thank you so much for blessing me and my readers today with such an awesome post. Don't you love how God speaks to us? He can grab our attention anywhere at anytime. There have been so many times I couldn't see through the fog and thought it impossible to move forward, but God made a way. He showed me to trust Him. Praise Jesus! Blessings to you sweet friend. It is my hope that you will visit us again and share all that God is doing in your life!


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