Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Color It Up New

This morning I was browsing through my photos on facebook and realized all of my pictures over the last year are all totally different. I am different from my hair style to the glasses I was wearing. Hair color and more.

A friend popped in and we began chatting about how we enjoy the ability to change our blog themes. I tell you, I am definitely a girl of change. I was looking at that as if something was wrong with me. That is until a wise woman popped in and shared with me how good change was for the soul.

I began pondering those thoughts. We can get in a rut can't we? We do the same thing every day. Every weekend we do those same chores. We wear the same style of hair for years. We watch the same television shows and so on we go without change. Ever wonder why we get bored so easily?

There is nothing wrong with change. In fact, if we aren't changing can we really be growing into the person God has created us to be? We can't ignore change either. This December I will be forty-five years old. Goodness, change is here. Over the last few years I have really noticed how my heart has grown. I notice more and more when I am in a rut and that is a place I don't want to be. I guess that would kind of be like living in a dry land in search of water.

If your finding yourself in a rut today, don't be afraid of change. Get out there and do something different. Are you living your dream or have you just been coasting along in fear that you will misstep and fall? There is nothing wrong with changing that career. Going back to school. Searching for that church to call home. Pick up a new book. Move your furniture around. Switch things up for goodness sake.

We can get so used to the same pattern in life that we begin to miss out on the new blessings God has for us. If we never visit a new coffee shop we will never meet new people. God never meant for us to just take the same steps each day. Look at Paul and his journeys. His mission trips took him to many different places.

If your tired of doing the same thing day after day there is no one to blame but yourself. Switch it up! Sure, we still gotta do those chores and dinner still must be on the table. Make something you have been dreaming of having. Turn up the music while you sweep that floor. You might just take off that extra ten pounds your carrying around.

Call up an old friend and invite them to lunch. Take in a new show. Start a new hobby. One you never imagined doing. Go as far to share it with a friend! It's okay to treat yourself to something new. I just purchased a new study bible. You are the only person keeping you in your rut. You wanna learn more, buy a new bible. Grab a pastor's sermon from on line. Ask a friend to begin a Bible study with you.

Color adds to our life. It's okay to get outside the lines. In trying something new, you might find a new favorite. Life is too short to spend your time stuck in a rut. We then find ourselves complaining each day about life. Don't allow your life to pass by with regret. Get up and make change possible today. Do today what you wished you had done yesterday and do it with a smile!

"The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions."
Ellen Glasgow

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."
Robert Byrne


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