Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Before you toss it out see what God can do with it

A few weeks ago I opened my closet doors, all my drawers and looked in amazement at all I had collected over the past year. As I pulled things out of my closet there were pieces that I thought, "What were you thinking?" Some were old favorites and some were just plain old. So I began making  piles. You know those piles. The keeper pile, the toss pile and the maybe pile. Three piles and do you know which pile was the highest? The maybe pile.

It's that pile that you wonder, "Okay, this is cute and I might be able to wear it with something", or "I might just keep this. You never know when it will come back in style". Well, some things were probably never in style to begin with. lol

So I began thinking, "What does God do with those piles of ours? He too knows them well. He gives and as soon as He does we toss it out, use it wisely or we set it aside for a maybe at some point in life. He gives us things to use for His glory and instead of thinking about it, we say, "Oh, I will never be able to use that", and it gets tossed. There are some things in our pile that we think we can't use, but someone else can. Isn't that like just like us? He graciously gives and we tend to think, "I can't use that". Well, goodness, God gave it to you, use it up, girl!

We toss things aside way to easily. Maybe it doesn't fit right so we set it aside. Just maybe God is giving that gift to us to grow into. He can do a whole lot more with that maybe pile than we give Him credit for, friends. After all, He is the Giver of Goodness. All things pass through His hands before they ever enter into our lives. Nothing is there by chance. Even as the thought, "What was I thinking?", crosses our mind, God is saying, "Hey, it was Me doing the thinking here, just hold on and see what I do with that!"

So, as you sort through your life today and you begin making piles. Choose your keepers, tosses and maybes with the thought that God can use anything and most of the time, it's those things we think we can't use that He surprises us with the most. Because after all, everything is possible as long as Christ is in it. If Christ gives you a gift, wear it, show it off and tell others just where it came from. They just might want to check out His collection of gifts themselves. A the end of our journey as we come face to face with the Lord, may we be able to say to Him we used up everything He gave. I promise, they are all keepers.  

"Listen to My instruction and be wise; do not disregard it."
Proverbs 8:33


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