Saturday, October 8, 2011


What else can you say about a Max Lucado book, but, Wow! He is one of those authors that brings you to the Word of God. Nothing else. His writing is pure and simple. Never over you head. In his newest, No Wonder They Call Him Savior, he brings us to the cross, into the garden, all the way to the resurrection of Christ.

Of course as a Christian these are places we have visited in our reading, but Max brings us there to see the sights and sounds. This book leaves us wanting more. This is one of those books that gets you excited about digging into God's Word. Max brings our imagination to the fullest.

We are taken into the garden and it's like we are a visitor with a front row ticket. Through Lucado's words we can see it all from a new perspective. He doesn't change God's Word or add to it, he simply tells it as a great story teller.

Lucado has that gift that brings light to places I have read and passed over, but with his wisdom and knowledge of God's Word, he helps me to gain new insight in areas that I have read a hundred times. I think this just might be my favorite Lucado book to date. As you pick up this book you will not be disappointed. It will bless you as it will open your eyes to Christ like never before.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.


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