Friday, October 14, 2011

I want to simply surrender

Life has it's own rhythm. It's own rhyme. We want to live, but do we really? Do we really make the best out of each and every day? Life is a gift. One moment there is breath and the next there is no air moving. We take for granted even the simplest things around us. Why? Because we just assume we will wake tomorrow and make another go of it.

I want to surrender my whole life to Christ. I want to give Him everything. I want Him to be everything in my life. So, what is wrong? Why don't I feel His presence surrounding me every moment? My selfishness pushes Him aside so I can make my own rules and way of life. We see life as our own, but it isn't. Every waking hour we have belongs to Christ. Do we really get that?

Do we really understand that this isn't our home? We are visitors here. Homeward bound. But instead of acting like a visitor I seem to make my bed in today, skipping past moments I need to slow down for and totally soaking in some that never need to touch my life.

Christ didn't call me to be comfortable. He called me to serve. To live for Him. I should be willing to give all for Him. To love all for Him. But I don't. There are people who I just don't understand. Pride comes into the picture. Anger resonates through my bones. I ask why with no answer. Not even a clue to what the next day will hold. What will I have to endure?

It seems we spend so much time wondering about tomorrow that we miss out on today. We say words that echo ugliness. We miss the beat when it comes to hospitality. We become busy when one needs our attention and we find ourselves saying, "Wait just a minute." What if God told us, "Wait just a minute my child. I'm busy with something right now"? But He never does. He is always present. We just have to make ourselves present for Him. He gave ALL. Do we fully grasp that? Do we really understand what He did for us?

If we did wouldn't we live differently? Why do we look at grace and simply take it as, "It's free. It's mine. Whatever is fine." We cannot look to our Father and ask forgiveness one day and wallow in that sin over and over again only to go to Him again pleading. Those I'm sorry's don't seem to carry much weight. Are we really sorry if we continue in sin? Sin that we invite into our lives. The second time we make a mistake it is no longer a mistake, but a choice. What kind of choices are you making? I know my choices are not always right. I think I look to myself more so for my choices than looking to God for His will.

What am I willing to give up for God? I should live each day with my hands open wide trusting in Him. But I don't. I try to hang on to everything. I want to hold it in my hands tight so that no one takes it away. Time passes by us and we don't even see it happening until it's gone.

Just as the winds blow and the rivers flow my life should be moving with the Lord. In tune to His every Word. As love enters our life we should be willing to love not with the kind of love this world gives, but godly love. The love Christ has shown us. When I look outside my window and see His creation I feel so very small. But even in my smallness there are great and mighty things possible with Christ living in me.

Give God your time today. Give Him your heart. Allow His breathe to touch you and fill you with a sweetness you never imagined possible. Don't look for that next minute to happen. Live in this moment you have right now.


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