Sunday, October 30, 2011

Can Halloween be a day to let our light shine for Jesus?

If you were to ask me a year ago what my thoughts were about Halloween I would have said, "Evil, evil and more evil." My family has not celebrated this day for many years. Now, I still do not like anything about this day or what it represents, but my thoughts are changing with time. I love it when the Lord opens my eyes to new ideas. When we grow with Him the possibilities are endless!

I can read verse after verse about staying away from all evil. I have researched the meaning of this day and it's origins. So close to this day are the celebrations of All Saints Day and Day of the Dead. There are celebrations of all kinds at all times of the year. It seems if you place a date on a calendar for a celebration people are going to celebrate.

Where do you stand on this day? This is one of those days of the year that seem to bring people face to face with their convictions. We seem to want our children to be happy. We don't want them to feel left out. So, what do you do? Do you not celebrate at all or do you have your own traditions on this day? Have you thought of alternatives? Some think any alternative is still taking part. I can tell you if my children were still young I wouldn't allow them to dress up and walk the streets in search of treats. But, I might give thought to this new conviction the Lord has placed on my heart. Could it be a day to teach your children to share Christ? Can we share Christ without partaking of the evil? Could it be a day in which your children could open the door with you and make this an opportunity to allow Christ to shine through you by simply showing hospitality?

We seem to look at this day and think, "Well now, what shall we do?" Some think taking a trip to a haunted house is fun. You will not find me there. I do not think haunted houses are okay. In fact, I think they are downright evil. I don't think there is anything good about them. I don't like vampire books or Harry Potter anything. If it has anything to do with darkness we are to stay away from. Far, far away. So, what gives with Halloween?

I read an article a few days ago that gave me new insight. It said that all good Christians should celebrate Halloween. I peeked at this article just out of curiosity, because after reading the title I just knew it had to be wrong. But I was blessed to keep on reading. It said that this was the only day of the year where lost people were coming to your door. Think about that for a moment. Usually, it's the other way around. Usually, you find Christians going door to door sharing the gospel, but on this night, your home is being flooded with people.

I am not saying decorate your home with ghosts and goblins. I am not saying hang out orange and yellow lights. I am saying, maybe it is a great idea to open your door to your neighborhood and meet the folks who live in your town. It is a great way to pass out bibles and tracks. It is a night where you can invite everyone who comes to your door to church or a church close to their home. It's a night where we can simply love those who ring our door bell.

Maybe we could have pumpkins with crosses carved in them. Maybe there could be a bible verse hanging brilliantly from your door all lit up for everyone to see. Instead of dressing up, what if we just gave a hello and a giggle at the little ones coming for candy.

It is a night where we can show our neighbors who Christ is by simply showing kindness and love. Opening your door to another is a wonderful way to let your community know who you are and even more so, who Christ is.

I don't know, the Lord is continuing to teach me and I am so grateful. I really don't like this day at all, but should we be hiding out and closing our blinds? Is this really a time to not answering our door? If we answer our door in love are we really inviting evil in? I was so against trunk or treats and churches participating in anything to do with Halloween, but just maybe I am wrong. Could it be?

This day is one that is discussed by many. We take a mighty stand on either side. I think this day must be a personal decision made by each family according to how the Lord is speaking to your heart. Believe me, I am just as shocked as you. I was that girl standing firm on the side of NOT celebrating Halloween. We must remember to respect one an other's decisions about celebrating this day. Some choose to partake, while others take a strong stand against it. Each family must follow their convictions. Although I do not like the day, I can agree that every day is a day to celebrate the Lord and share His love.

Now, you won't see me dressed up, nor will you see me watching a scary movie or attending a haunted house. Since we live out in the country no one comes to our door on Halloween, but just maybe if we lived in a neighborhood, I just might be changing my mind this year about handing out candy. Just what if with each piece of candy dropped in a bag you said, "God bless you, little one"? Just what if you prayed as each little child came to your door? Maybe give out Christian pencils and little coloring pads. I am beginning to think this night could be a night for real change if Christians stood and shined brightly for Christ. After all, aren't we suppose to let our lights shine?


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