Monday, August 29, 2011

Have you heard of georgie designs?

Okay, every once in a while I find something I simply fall in love with and have to share it with you all. Now, what girl doesn't love a new bracelet? I recently purchased one from Robyn at georgie designs. In fact, I loved my bracelet so much I ordered two more! My first is a gold bracelet with a pearl center. This one reminds me that I am a work in progress. The second two are silver. One is turquoise, the other is a heart. That is to remind me I am loved and God is my ROCK. When I find something that can remind me of scripture or just something simple, it just makes it all the more special.

Robyn is such a talented lady and wow is she gifted. Please go check out her site. I promise, you will find something there you will love too. She is quick to make your order and is so personable. Who doesn't love that? She sends your little gem  packaged so pretty,too. You don't even receive that from a purchase at the store. I just love meeting people and seeing the gifts that God has bestowed upon them. Meeting lovely people just adds to our circle of friends and it makes it nice to simply chat with others, doesn't it?  

I think my next purchase will be a ring. I just found, Robyn, to be so lovely and her creations are so well crafted I just had to share with you. I hope you visit soon. Without a doubt you will find that perfect gift that will add a smile to the one you love:)

You can click on her name or georgie designs to take you right there or just follow this link below to her designs on


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