Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The latest book I have read is, Shrouded In Silence, by Robert L. Wise. The amazing thing about reading is there is something for everyone. Here is the description Abingdon Press has about Shrouded In Silence.

Determined to find an answer, Jack and Michelle Townsend set out on a quest to find the original ending to the Gospel of Mark.

Following ancient clues, they head for Rome, but what starts out as a scholarly search turns violent as two separate groups strive to stop the Townsends, plunging their quiet research into chaos.

After a bomb destroys their office, the Townsends are pushed to the limits of their determination and commitment to God’s will. Can faith in God’s purposes endure in a swirl of conspiracy and espionage that brings the couple to the brink of death?

"This is a story of well-hidden biblical secrets that have endured throughout the ages and of a couple's devotion to finding the truth. It's a story fraught with death, danger, and deception--of never knowing who to trust, and with a twist of an ending I didn't see coming. Great read!" --Sharon Sala, author of The Searcher's Trilogy: Blood Stains, Blood Ties, Blood Trails

Something I have learned in doing book reviews is you don't want me to tell you the complete story line. You also don't want to know all the secrets and how the book ends. That simply spoils the book for you. A book report is not what I am to do. I am to give you my thoughts and share with you if I enjoyed the book or if it is one I wouldn't recommend.

So, what are my thoughts? I wanted to love this book so very much. The story line is awesome. It would be great on the big screen. Most of the time I would rather read the book instead of watch the movie. This wasn't the case here. I never got connected to the characters. You might say I wanted more. I needed more conversation between the characters to draw me in. I felt almost as if in certain parts I was reading another language. It was just one of those books that didn't do it for me. You may read it and have a totally different opinion. I pray you love it. Every author puts blood, sweat and tears into their work. The finished product becomes a part of them. I never want to disrespect an author or their work. This just wasn't a great read for me. If you have a different opinion about this book  I would love for you to share it with me.

This book was a gift from Abingdon Press for it's review.
Father Robert (Robert L. Wise, PhD) is both a priest and an archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches. He is the author of thirty-two published books and the ghost author of six published novels, including The Death of Innocence, the parents’ story of the death of JonBenĂ©t Ramsey. Father Robert’s books have been translated into Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and German. He has made numerous television appearances discussing his adventures in researching his stories.


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