Friday, July 15, 2011


WWI is beginning to rage. Young men are lining up as they go off to battle a war they are yet to understand. In a small quaint town in France we find Juliette Toussaint, a young woman, with a strong grounded faith. Although she is adopted into the Toussaint family, she is not quite accepted. People see her as beautiful, yet strange. They know she prays and her prayers are answered. Those around her are not quite understanding her strong faith, but the gifts and works that come from it.

The Toussaints and de Colvilles have had a feud for years. No one really knows the reasons or beginnings of this feud, but these families are ready to come together as the war ignites and moves through their little village unknown to the world.

Juliette falls in love with one that she is forbidden to love. We see this young girl grow in faith and show a village what faith is all about. This was a lovely read. Maureen Lang brings her best and her books are page turners and leave you with a feeling of joy as you have moved to the last page. You feel as though you have completed a journey and have been part of what you have just read.

Look To The East was originally released in 2009 and is now repackaged. It is book 1 of this series, followed by book 2, Whisper On The Wind and book 3, Springtime Of The Spirit. If you enjoy Historical Romance you will enjoy this series as it takes you back to another time and place.

This book was a gift from Tyndale for it's review.


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