Saturday, June 4, 2011

WORLD OF PRAISE (Instrumental Hymns) by Discovery House Music

Do you love instrumental music? Better yet, do you love instrumental hymns? I received a wonderful CD for review from Discovery House Music. I must be honest and say, instrumentals usually are not my typical Cd's I purchase, but this one is pretty awesome. It contains ten instrumentals from all over the world. Spain, Middle East, Appalachi, USA, China, Africa, East India, Greece, Central Asia, Ireland and Persia. I must say it is really cool to listen to hymns from all across the lands. My favorite would be, "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing", from Appalachia, USA. I too enjoyed, "O Worship the King", from Ireland. The others were quite interesting also. A CD bringing sounds of worship from all over the world is great. Worshipping our God, our Lord and Savior. This would make a great gift for that music lover or a great CD to play in your office or shop.

This CD was a gift from Discovery House Music for it's review. To find this CD and more music from Discovery House follow this link:—-Instrumental-Hymns__B0255.aspx


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