Friday, June 3, 2011


I don't know where to begin. First, I really enjoyed this book. For me to explain why. I am not really sure. It is an Apocalyptic thriller/suspense. At least it was for me. It is a page turner for sure. Once I began reading, I couldn't stop. I love how this book is put together. As you open the pages you find a forward from Leonard Sweet describing the book and setting ground for you to understand the writings you are about to inhale. Sweet and Wagner together are fabulous. I believe we will see this book on the big screen one day soon. They give us a key into understanding the signs and times. Believe me, this key helps, along with the description of all the words throughout this book. Now, this book does skip around a lot and it was hard for me to relate to any of the characters. You just don't get a closeness to any character, but each character plays a vital role in this story. And a story it is.

This story builds from eight main characters who are set across the world, each living a life for self in this new age of time. Each character has a clue or a missing piece of the puzzle. Put them all together and we ourselves a prophesy fulfilled.  I thought it was fascinating how much as time went on people were more and more filled with self and less of faith. For me, I can see that happening now.

So, what is this book all about? Good verses evil. The end is coming. The Apocalypse that has been foretold is now prevalent. The year is 2048. Good has gone underground as evil is rising above. The characters are complex and there are many. But, they all play an important role in the tale being told. Each one holds a key into the future. This book held my attention from the beginning to the end.

As I pick up every book I look for a nugget to take away. Something for me to grasp hold of as a treasure. In, "The Seraph Seal", I can walk away with a greater desire to study the book of Revelation. I have a deeper desire to search for the truth of what is to come and know without a doubt that whatever it is, God is in total control. There is some fact to this book, but mostly fiction. No doubt, we all like to think at some point we have control over what happens in life, but we do not. The only control we have is the control over our thinking and our actions. As you will see in this book, evil takes hold of the earth and has many searching for answers as to why. As evil is lurking through these pages, you also find good. The good that God has planned for those who believe.

If your searching for a fun read for the summer and enjoy fantasy mixed with intrigue, this is one you will enjoy. It just might set your heart to pick up the bible, God's Word, and search for the truth to come.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.


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