Thursday, June 2, 2011


The cover design captivated me. This is why I chose to pick up this book. Here you have a picture of a girl standing alone. She is on a journey of life. She has hat in hand as her bag sits upon the ground. Is her load too heavy to carry? Is she placing everything down for something more? Would you take a 7,000 mile journey? I am astonished at the history, Jane Kirkpatrick, studied to put this book together. The history and detail make you feel as though you too are right there with, Helga and Clara Estby, as they take this journey.

Norwegian American, the Estby family, is about to lose the farm. They are about to lose everything they own. Helga is challenged to accept a wager. If she will walk from Spokane to New York she will gain $10,000. The money they need to save the farm. Helga doesn't take this journey on her own, but forces her daughter, Clara, to journey with her. The Estby's have a large family. Here is a mother, leaving her family to travel on. I wasn't sure how I felt about this. Part of me thought, "Stay home and have faith. God will supply." Another part of me said, "You go girl!!" Helga is willing to risk everything for her family. Clara isn't understanding, like most others, including their family. They are just about shunned, but they carry on, facing challenge after challenge. Even as they over-come obstacles, they find blessings along the way. They find those who understand and those cheering them on. Much like in our lives today. Not everyone is on board with what God has called us to, but we must take the journey anyway, even if we are standing alone.

This is more than a journey to save the farm. I really enjoyed this book. It was a walk we all must take. What are we willing to give? How far are we willing to go? There were many questions to ask yourself along this journey. Much of this book is true to historical fact and Kirkpatrick has added to this story to bring us in and have us turning pages into the night.

This book was a gift from WaterBrook Press for it's review.


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