Friday, May 20, 2011


I am excited today! Yes indeed, I love Fridays! Why? I get to interview the most amazing people. People who love the Lord and strive to leave yesterday behind, while they look forward for all Jesus has for them. That in itself is exciting to see and to be surrounded with. Encouraging others brings us together. It takes the spotlight off our circumstances and places it on the glory of God, opening our heart for more blessings. He pours out His goodness to us. All we must do is lift our cup and it will soon be overflowing.

Today my guest is, Heather Funk Palacios. Get ready for a huge blessing, my friends. Heather loves the Lord and chooses to make her life about Him. Like us, she struggles daily. But the most important thing is, she turns to the Lord and trusts Him in everything. Heather is on a mission to share the love of Christ. Through her words you will clearly see He is present in her life. Grab yourself a great cup of coffee and sit back for an extra special gift today as we meet a girl after God's own heart.

(Robin) Heather, introduce yourself girl. Tell us about yourself.

(Heather) I'm the daughter of a King; wife of Raul; mommy to DJ & Andy. And yes, in that order.

(Robin) I love how the Lord brings His children together. Would you share your testimony with us?
(Heather) I accepted Jesus when I was 4. Like the prodigal son, I strayed to go my own way for many years to party, sleep around, drink, steal, lie.

But at 23, I came home. The Father had been waiting for me. He welcomed me and my life's never been the same.

(Robin) You are so full of life. You are an encouragement to everyone you come in contact with. That is a gift from the Lord. Heather, has there been a time in life when you were the one in need of encouragement?
(Heather) Having a lung disease since childhood that is incurable, having been hospitalized over 20 times for it--this has been my need for encouragement.

But I've learned to let my biggest encourager be Jesus because in my empty & lonely hospital rooms, Jesus is all I have.

He should be our #1 fan, our loudest cheerleader, our biggest encouragement.

(Robin) Today so many young people are struggling to find their way. This world traps us into believing it has all the answers. I remember being young and looking in all the wrong places for answers. What would you say to a young person today searching for the meaning of life?
(Heather) I'm 37 and I am STILL searching for meaning. I don't think it ever eludes us.

But what it DOES do is keep us in desperate need for something bigger than ourselves.

It keeps us needing a Purpose-Provider; a Way-Maker; a Gift-Giver...and that ALL comes through a relationship with God.

That is what I'd tell a young person who is searching for the meaning of life.

(Robin) Women struggle so much with self image. We see Hollywood and are confused about what real beauty is. Share your beauty secrets with us, Heather. As a woman what do you struggle with? What do you call beauty?
(Heather) I'm a little unorthodox when it comes to this stuff. I think women need to strive for beauty INside and OUTside.

Think about it...God said our body is a temple. Well back then, temples were kept up, internally AND externally.

They were tended to, cared for, carefully kept. And we should do the same w/ our temples (bodies).

As much as we should slap on some sexy lip gloss & throw on a pretty accessory, we should strive for the "gloss" of grace and the "accessory" of love.

(Robin) I think of the song, "Peace Like A River.." Is there anything that keeps you up at night?
(Heather) I keep myself up at night. I am my worse enemy with anxious nights.

Straight up, I went to a counselor about this and was prescribed anxiety medicine.

It worked and I give all the glory to God for using doctors & counselors to help us when we can't help ourselves.

(Robin) Being a young married woman, what advice would you give to a couple just beginning the journey of marriage?
(Heather) 1) Divorce is not an option. 2) Work it out!

(Robin) I would love for you to share your ministry with us at leadHership. When did you begin writing? I often feel the Lord speaking to me when I write. Writing is a journey. What is the greatest gift of writing for you?
(Heather) I began my ministry 6 years ago. Titled it "LeadHership" tag-lined it, "Leading from wherever you are for whatever God wants."

Right now, I operate this ministry through twitter, my website and facebook. But someday I hope to turn my manuscript into a book. :)

(Robin) What is the best advice ever given to you?
(Heather) Best advice comes from my Ma, She says, "Heath, you gotta bloom where you're planted." Love that!

(Robin) When you look back to your childhood, what is one of your memories that simply takes you back in time and brings a smile to your face?
(Heather) When I was 4 years old and my daddy led me in a prayer of salvation.

(Robin) My One Word for 2011 is, "Surrender". Heather, what is your one word for 2011?
(Heather) "DON'T-QUIT" I hyphenated it so it could be one word :)

(Robin) Do you have a prayer request that is on your heart you would like to share so that we could join you in prayer?
(Heather) My prayer request is for the burdened, the despairing and the addicted---that they would be comforted & set free by their Savior.

(Robin) Struggles come. Fear attacks. Temptation strikes. Have you ever found yourself questioning your faith?
(Heather) Yep. As a matter of fact, I tried to "un-salvation" myself once. But He never, never, never, never, ever leaves.

Once we invite him in, even if we question why we did, He's here to stay. I LOVE THIS ABOUT GOD!!!!

(Robin) What is it that keeps you grounded and so uplifted today?
(Heather) What keeps me uplifted is that, "the lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down." Psalm 145:14

(Robin) Heather, for so many women it is hard to find the things we love about ourselves because we seem to focus on those things we don't like. What do you struggle with and what are those things you love about who you are?
(Heather) I don't like that I daily disappointment my Father.

But what I love about who i am is that I'm already forgiven and accepted anyway.

There's nothing bad I can do to lose God's love; there's nothing good I can do to get more. NOTHING separates me from it.

(Robin) What are your deepest passions? What dreams has the Lord given you, Heather?
(Heather) I dream of speaking & writing to thousands of lost lambs and helping them find their way to the Shepherd

(Robin) What would your perfect day be?
(Heather) A one-day pass to Heaven

(Robin) Heather, what encouraging words do choose to leave us with today?
(Heather) When we lose control in our circumstances is when we discover we didn't need to be in control in the first place. It's gonna be ok. Gods got you in His hands.

Wow, don't you love how the Lord works? I needed these very words today. Friends, did Heather share something that blessed you? I know she would love to hear from you. My pastor teaches us, "You gotta bloom where you are planted." Those words could not be more true. We search and wait for the right time to live out dreams the Lord has placed in our hearts. We say, "Tomorrow I will do as He asks." We must live for Him today. We must follow Him now. With Him all things are possible. He has us right where we are to be today for a higher purpose and plan than we can see.
Heather, thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for blessing us with such encouragement and inspiration to never give up! Girl, you are shining for Jesus. You are a blooming flower for His glory and honor. Sweet blessings to you:)
If you would like to check out all, Heather, is doing. You can find her by clicking on these links below.


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