Monday, April 18, 2011


When you pick up, "Max on Life", you are getting a rich supplement of wisdom. We all have questions we want to ask. Sometimes we have a hard time opening up and sharing those questions. Here in, "Max on Life", Max Lucado shares questions that have been asked of Him, along with his answers. Over 200 pages filled with answers to 172 questions. He doesn't just hit the surface, he digs deep, giving not only his opinion, but godly answers backed with scripture.

As a teacher of junior high kids in Awana I will be using this book over and over again. Youth always have questions and yes, sometimes they stump you. The back of this book gives us index of just where we can find scripture for each answer and it also comes with a topical index so we can find a subject simply.

A few of the questions asked are:  "One of my high school friends believes in purgatory. She lights candles and prays that her dead relatives will get to heaven. Can we pray for the dead to be saved? Does purgatory really exist?" "In my opinion, premarital sex prepares the couple for marriage. Wouldn't you want the soon-to-be-married couple to know each other as well as possible?" "How can I get free of the fear that God might not forgive me? I'm always afraid that I'm not perfect enough." Tough questions. Answers that will give the wisdom to turn to God in every situation.

I think this would be a great teaching tool and a great devotional. One that should only make us ponder more and search God's Word for ourselves, digging deep for those answers we are all looking for. I have yet to find a Max Lucado book I did not enjoy. This is yet another of those keepers!!

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.


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