Monday, March 28, 2011


Do you love the story of Naomi and Ruth? If so, this story will be a blessing beyond anything you can imagine. "Mine Is The Night", comes after, "Here Burns My Candle." Once again we meet widowed, Elisabeth Kerr and her mother in law, Marjory Kerr. This is a Scottish tale, crafted by one of the very best. My friends, Liz hits it out of the park. If you love historical fiction with a twist of romance and intrigue, you will grab a cup of coffee, get cozy and stay up all night!

This is one of those extraordinary books that will inspire. The characters are rich and the setting gives us a chance to escape to another time and place.The Kerr name is now defiled and Elisabeth and Marjory are trying to find solace. With no title, no fortune, they are outcasts. Everything they ever dreamed of is gone. They step off the coach into the city of, Selkirk, with only their bags. They have each other and a cousin who is willing to help them. Elisabeth's character is one that pushes forward. She is determined to do more than survive, but find life once again, if she can open her heart and trust. Neither of these women feel worthy, but as you read the pages you see a God before that has great and wondrous plans ahead. Love and redemption are waiting. Even though they are terrified of the future, it holds blessings they never imagined once they decide to let go of the past and embrace the future.

This is one of those books that will be at the top of your all time favorites!

This book was a gift from WaterBrook Press for it's review


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