Saturday, March 19, 2011


Oh the love that flows from Lilly Lapp. She has loved Jacob, well, it seems all her life. Jacob on the other hand has carried a torch for, Sarah King, but it was not to be. Sarah is now married to another and Jacob can't find it in his heart to release his love. After a night of events, Lilly, finds herself standing up for, Jacob, and before they know it, they are engaged to marry. You would think this would be the happiest time in a girl's life, but for, Lilly? She is marrying a man who is in love with another. My heart ached for Lilly. She misses her father. There is a huge whole in heart she is trying to fill just as, Jacob, is trying to fill the loss of the girl of his dreams. Jacob wants to love, Lilly. He wants to give her his whole heart, but he is struggling. I enjoyed watching these two people come together leaving the past behind and taking hold of the future with a new hope.

"Sarah's Garden" is book 1 of the series, "A Patch of Heaven Novel." As you open the pages of book two you are transformed into Pine Creek, Pennsylvania. I loved this sweet romance. It is as though we are seeing a story of God calling us sweetly and we are tenderly finding our way to Him. But we have a little trouble keeping our eyes off ourselves. Lilly is fond of  quilting. I love how she shares that her marriage is a bit like piecing together a  quilt. All pieces of hand me down fabric all placed together to make one beautiful poetic story. Even though Kelly Long's words just flow, I love how the book is a slow read. One that you just want to soak in for a bit. I can't imagine being, Lilly. Marrying a man who still calls out the name of the one he loves. But God has a plan and I loved watching His plan come together in the lives of these sweet people.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.


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