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I am honored to have the beautiful, Doreen Hanna, as my guest today. As I prepare for this interview today, Doreen's husband, Chad, is in the hospital. As of right now he has congestive heart failure and will be going through more testing. I ask that you saturate all of heaven with prayers for the Hanna family, asking for complete healing. As I was on Doreen's FB page today a wonderful friend of hers wrote this grace filled prayer. I would like to share the prayer of her friend, Dawn Marie Wilson, "Father God, I ask You to encourage Doreen right now. Give her a tender sense of Your presence. Strip any fear from her heart, and fill her with Your peace. You are in control, Father, and I know that Doreen knows that. I ask you to touch Chad's body and heal this staph infection. Ease his breathing and help him rest. We ask for healing of the heart and lung problems. We rest in You. I ask you to encourage all of the Hanna family today, and help them know that we are all in their corner, praying. Thank you for Jesus who binds us together in love and concern." Amen. Doreen, our hearts and prayers are with your family at this time. God is mighty and He is ever present in our lives.

Doreen is the founder and president of, Tresured Celebrations Ministries. ( I am going to let, Doreen, tell you all about her ministry.) You can visit, Doreen's site, Encouraging Women To Take Life's Journey, so you can see all she is doing and to find informatation on this amazing ministry. She is the author of, A Modern Day Princess, along with author, Pam Farrel. Doreen, is having a give a way today of her book, "A Modern Day Princess."

(Robin) Doreen, could you please tell us a little about yourself.

(Doreen) I grew up in a Christian home. My mother was and continues to be (she is now 83) a wonderful role model of a Proverbs 31 woman. However, I was anxious to get out of my home by the age 18 due to the lack of my father's love (this relationship was reconciled when I was in my late 20’s). Therefore, I quickly married my husband, Chad now of 40 years, who at that time was a cute Christian surfer (we are both raised in the beach city of Venice, CA). We soon had 2 girls. Brandy is our oldest (who has now been married 14 years to her husband Roberto Corea who is an Associate Pastor at Hope Chapel, Hermosa, Beach, CA and they have our 2 granddaughters Shekinah Faith, 10 and Hannah Laynne 4. My grandma name is Leila (short for the Spanish grandmother titled of Obelia) Our youngest daughter, Kamy lives here in Santa Fe, NM close to us. She is a beautiful single woman and works for the Hyatt Place as a front desk manager.

(Robin) I would be honored for you to share your testimony with us.
(Doreen) I came to know the Lord at the age of 14. I gave my life to him at the age of 21, after praying, "If you'll meet this financial need (we were so broke and owed what seemed almost an impossible amount to ever cover to our creditors at that time) I'll live for you the rest of my life. He must have chuckled and then miraculously met that need. I committed my life to him that very night and for the next 8 years of my life I was growing abundantly in the Lord by way being in the Word, being in church fellowship and most importantly, through love and encouragement of some wonderful mentors in my life. I have acknowledged most of them in our chapter on mentors in Raising a Modern Day Princess because I wanted to honor them and share the impact they made on my life. After 24 years of marriage Chad and I separated due to alcohol abuse and I fell into an affair. I moved to another state, filed for divorce determined not to return him and running from God, as this was our 4th separation. However, 13 months later and 6 weeks before the divorce was final I heard God’s voice, ever so clearly that I was to return to Chad. I did (a great story for another time). However, it took 7 more years before Chad chose a life of sobriety. He has been sober now for 8 years. We have shared our testimony of reconciliation and recovery on numerous occasions.

(Robin) When did you hear the Lord calling you into the ministry?
(Doreen) At the age of 29 my mentor, Faye Darnell, said I had a call on my life to teach women. I always thought she heard from the Lord but this time I thought she might have heard incorrectly. After a day spent on the beach with the Lord, He used Jeremiah chapter 1 to meet everyone of objections! I returned home to tell Faye that she was correct and I was soon preparing to become a Women's Bible Study teacher and have done so for the last 30 years. However, the call to become the Founder of Treasured Celebrations and becoming a writer was a new calling.

(Robin) Please share with us just what the Lord is doing through your ministry.
(Doreen) Treasured Celebrations Ministries is the umbrella for our Modern Day Princess programs. What the Lord is doing through this ministry today is:

Raising up women mentors/facilitators to carry out the Becoming a Modern Day Princess study in their churches, schools, home school groups, and community organizations. The BMDP study is equipping our teenage girls to become young women of purpose with God’s strength and His values. When Pam Farrel (my co-author and friend) and I wrote Raising a Modern Day Princess (it was released in 2010) our purpose was to equip moms of teenage girls, women who mentor them, and church youth leadership to understand the value of a Biblically based rite-of-passage to womanhood and then take their daughters and teen girls on that journey that ends in a celebration wherein family and friends are invited to celebration this step into young adulthood. The most powerful part of this moment is her receiving a public affirmation from her father, or other step-in-dad of her choice, and crown her a true Modern Day Princess… a Daughter of the King. This journey and celebration has not only impacted the lives of the girls but also their families. We often hear of reconciliation with their parents, marriages reconciled as wives see their husbands stepping up into their Priestly role, and families getting back into church and living more fully their relationships with Jesus Christ.

(Robin) It is challenging being a woman. What would you say the most challenging aspect of being a woman in the ministry is?
(Doreen) Wow! Talk about a tough question. My answer: Continually remembering the godly order: Family 1st and ministry 2nd. The needs of ministry can so quickly present itself as the urgent and override what is truly important. I must ask the Lord daily to guide me in daily decision making process.

(Robin) What wisdom can you share for a new mother who feels overloaded?
(Doreen) Take time for you, even if it’s 15 minutes a day. Whether that’s a bath with your favorite music playing, read God’s word or just going outside and enjoying the beauty of nature. He is gracious and he understands your struggle. Don’t run from Him, run to Him- he’ll embrace you! It’s the hardest thing for you to do but it will keep you from resentments and a victim mentality.

(Robin) For someone going through change and is searching for answers what wisdom would you give them?
(Doreen) Embrace change, it provides another opportunity for you to grow, discover and see what God has in store for you next!

(Robin) So many are hurting today. What wisdom would you give to one who is going through adversity?
(Doreen) Remember – God is faithful. Even when we can’t see or feel Him, He can be counted on, His word promises it and I’ve seen him show himself faithful over and over again in my life. I am saying it often right now, as my husband has been in the hospital for the last 10 days and is still there. Life is tough but God is faithful! I love Deut 7:8-10 Understand, therefore, that the Lord your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands.

(Robin) Motherhood is such a blessing. What has been most challenging and most rewarding for you being a mother?
(Doreen) Most challenging is when you see your children living out the consequences of their rebellious choices.

Most rewarding is seeing them walk with God!

(Robin) What are some of your favorite books you love surrounding you?
(Doreen) His Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson

I’d rather be Laughing by Marilyn Meberg

A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards

(Robin) What is your definition of success?
(Doreen) Living life in a manner that will leave a rich legacy.

(Robin) Looking back from all you have learned in your walk with the Lord what advice would you give yourself at the young age of eighteen?
(Doreen) Seek to find a mentor that you can freely talk with. Listen to her wise counsel from God’s word, then follow it!

(Robin) For someone going through loss what encouraging words would you surround them with?
(Doreen) I would share with them the verse that has blessed me in my losses: Isaiah 66:13 “…as a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you,” declares the Lord. He has!

(Robin) God's word is powerful. Do you have a life verse? One that has brought you through those days that seemed to last forever?
(Doreen) Yes, Jer. 32:17 “Behold, I am the God of all flesh, is anything to difficult for me?”

(Robin) In your legacy, what do you wish to leave behind?
(Doreen) My prayer would be a leave a legacy of tried and tested faith that will be carried out in the lives of my family, their generations to follow, and those whom God called me to mentor.

(Robin) What advice would you give to a new babe in Christ just beginning their walk?
(Doreen) Same answer as #12 and adding Prov: 4:7 “Determination to be wise is the first step toward becoming wise! And with your wisdom, develop common sense and good judgment. If you exalt wisdom, she will exalt you. Hold her fast and she will lead you to great honor, she will place a beautiful crown upon your head (a true Princess!).

(Robin) What is the most empowering advice ever given to you?
(Doreen) He’s revealed His call on your life, Now watch, wait and then go for it girl! Spoken to me by Luci Swindoll

(Robin) Other than God, family and friends what are the things you love surrounding you?
(Doreen) Hearing the laughter of others in a public place. The beauty of creation that He has created for my pleasure. I live in a home and enjoy 3 different mountain ranges that surround us. The winter provides the snow capped mountains that remind me of His majesty. Love cozying up in my favorite spot in the living room to read while a fire is crackling in the fireplace. Love taking a drive up to the mountains and smelling the scent of pine trees or to the beach and take in the scent of the ocean.

(Robin) God created us in His image. Can you share one thing you love about yourself?
(Doreen) My laughter!

(Robin) Doreen, what are your dreams for 2011?
(Doreen) To see that all 50 states will have implemented the BMDP rite-of-passage study and celebration. We have reached 44 of them plus 6 other countries internationally. It is my heart’s desire to completely saturate the US, and of course, internationally with this life-impacting ministry for our teen girls.

Doreen, thank you for sharing with us today. You are such a gem. I will share that as I read over your words I had chills. It was as though I had spent the morning in  worship. There is so much to take away and for me, I love the words, Luci Swindoll, shared with you. He’s revealed His call on your life, Now watch, wait and then go for it girl! Spoken to me by Luci Swindoll. We are all created by Him to do great and mighty works for Him. He gives us all we need and prepares the way. Oh, don't you just get excited when you talk about the Lord?  You are such beautiful woman of God. As you continue to  share with others all across our land just how much we need the Lord, I pray blessings upon all you are doing. I want to leave you with the loving words our friend, Shona Neff, has to say about you.

Doreen is indeed a gracious woman and servant of God. You can she that she wears the garment of peace in every aspect of her life. Whether she is leading her ministry, encouraging others, or getting down to the business of life, she knows who she is in Christ. Her light shines bright and reflects Christ to those around her. What a godly woman God has in doing his work right here among us."

Now, to enter the give a way of the awesome book, "A Modern Day Princess", all you must do is leave a comment sharing how you were blessed by this interview. You can even leave a question or a prayer request. I will announce the winner Wednesday, March 30.


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