Monday, March 7, 2011

He always makes a way

Today the scripture in my devotional is; "God's business is putting things right; He loves getting the lines straight." Psalm 11:7 MSG

Oh, how I have gotten outside the lines so many times in my life. I seem to want to draw my own way. My own house, my yard, the animals and how many kids are in the yard. Remember doing that as a kid? We would draw everything in our little picture, right down to how many trees are in the yard. Oh, and all the flowers were blooming no matter if it was winter. At least they were in my drawing.

I was drawing what I thought was perfect and everything that would make my life a perfect life. Well, the problem with me doing so is that I am leaving God out of the picture when I begin creating. I am learning to let Him do the creating and just go with the flow of things. Somehow, He always gets things in line and puts right all the things I have either erased or left out. Don't you love that? We have a God who knows our past, present and future. Why not give Him the pencil? Why not allow Him to draw out our path and paint in all the colors He sees in our life?

Sometimes our idea of perfect is just not what He has planned for us. Unless we allow Him room we are going to miss out on the big picture. Sure, we might like to draw a scene here and there, but God with His perfect vision can see the whole picture right down to every detail. He knows when those flowers we planted are going to bloom and when the rains are going to cascade down. One thing is for sure. In His painting the Son is always shining!!

Take today and look to Him for guidance. For wisdom and open your heart, mind and soul to all He has for you. Don't close your eyes to only the things you think will make your life perfect. God just might have some things He has designed just for you that you never expected at all and it is those very things that will make your life full and lead you to greatness!


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