Saturday, March 5, 2011


I think the Lord is trying to teach me something. Drawing me closer to Him. After reading a book about being thankful and now I pick up Amy Gaither Hayes, "A Collection of Wednesdays." I feel the Holy Spirit saying, "Hello Robin, come. Come join me and stay a while in My presence." Let me tell you about this new book.

It is simply beautiful. Poetic. This book is exactly what it says, a collection. Each Wednesday Amy gathers herself to write. She spends time with the Lord. She sets aside one day a week to really get in touch with Him and who she is. I find that breathtaking. We spend time with the Lord. As some ponder their thoughts in their head, others write them down. Collecting themselves in a journal. Here we have a collection of Amy's Wednesdays.

You might wonder, well, is this just a journal? It is a journal, a keepsake of beauty and so much more. It is a book filled with passionate stories to bring us closer to the Lord. Stories of heartwarming ideas of taking our eyes off ourselves and reaching for all God has for us by taking time. Setting aside time just for Him to move in us and through us. This is one of those books I will keep close. One that has brought my attention to myself setting aside more time with God.

A Collection of Wednesdays will open your eyes and fill your heart with precious stories that will unfold a closer relationship with you and the Lord. All this from a woman, Amy, who says she isn't a writer. I indeed see she is. A gifted one who has blessed my heart.

This book was a gift from Zondervan for it's review.

Amy Gaither Hayes:

Whether working as a speaker, vocal artist, actress, dancer, stage director, writer, teacher, or storyteller, Amy Gaither Hayes is driven by the notion that art aimed at the heart can transfigure the souls of men and women. Amy teaches acting at DePauw University and lives with her husband, Andrew, and their three children in rural Indiana.


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