Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Andrea Henderson has not had a great year. In fact she is still trying to move past her failed marriage and grasp the reality of raising a teenage son who is hurting so badly. Andrea has had to move back into her parents lake home and begin life anew. She feels as though she is just never up to making her parents proud. They seem to always have something to critisize.

Her teenage son, Dustin, misses his father and finds himself with the wrong group of friends out on a dangerous part of the lake. While he and his new friends are ready for anything, Game Warden, Mart McClendon, finds them just before they find more trouble. As Dustin is struggling, Andrea, is trying to be the mother she is called to be, but she is finding that she is reminding herself of her mother. She and Dustin are both on a journey of healing and we witness the ups and downs of coming together as mother and son.

Mart too is trying to move forward, but if having a hard time of letting go of guilt and feelings that he can't quite understand. Tragedy has struck his family and  as others want things to stay the same, Mart, just wants to heal and get past it all.  He tends to keep everything in, while Andrea just needs someone to listen.

Mart and Andrea connect as Mart is working on getting  Dustin into a boat safety course instead of being ticketed. Andrea's new job is taking her to places all throughout the country. Places on the other side of the lake. She is seeing much heartache in the children she is trying reach and help. On her first day out she gets lost and finds herself with a flat tire. One man stops, but doesn't help her. Something just isn't right. As he pulls away, Andrea, sees a little girl tucked inside. This precious little girl brings Andrea and Mart together as they seek to help her. As the story revolves around this precious little one named, Birdie, there is more going on than meets the eye. Secrets lie in those woods and will soon be found out.

I loved this book. It was so romantic and filled with stories of faith, family, and friendships. We see how the Lord heals through time and how He places the perfect people in our lives at the perfect time. He seems to connect us all just when we think we are alone. Through reaching out to another we can find the peace we too are searching for. Lisa has a beautiful way with words. You find yourself turning  pages and before you know it you are finished and she leaves you wanting more.

This book was a gift from Bethany House for it's review.

Lisa Wingate is a popular inspirational speaker, magazine columnist, and national bestselling author of several books, including Tending Roses, A Month of Summer, and The Summer Kitchen. Lisa and her family live in central Texas. Visit


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