Thursday, January 27, 2011


Looking for that perfect bible for your young tween? I have found one for you. Tyndale has just released the iShine Bible for young tween boys. This is an awesome bible. It is a navy color/orange leather like feel. It is compact and easy to carry. This is one they will enjoy picking up daily. It contains three sections. Value. Identity. Purpose. V.I.P!! Get it? You are a V.I.P to God and He wants you to be inspired by His word. In the value section it asks the question, "What matters to you?" Tweens talk about so many topics. Music, video games and much more. How you act toward others matters to God. In section identity it asks, "Who are you?" Who we are in Christ matters. It's not just about who you are, but WHOSE you are. In section purpose it asks, "Why are you here?" Have you ever felt like you don't know what to do because your overwhelmed? Here are answers just for you. It is written in New Living Translation so it is easy to understand and when a young man picks up this Bible he will be excited to read through the pages and isn't that really what Christ wants us to do? To know Him more? Let your tween grow in faith by digging in to a cool bible that will grab their attention!! There is also an iShine Bible for tween girls too.

This was a gift from Tyndale for it's review.


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