Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's your cover saying?

We all hear, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Well, as I have been doing many book reviews I have to say sometimes I choose them for the cover. Something catches my eye. Sometimes I choose them for the back cover describing what is inside. Many times it is the words that stir my heart and sound so intriguing. Sometimes the cover speaks louder than what's inside. Sometimes what's inside is nothing compared to the cover.

This got me thinking about myself and what my cover looks like. Is my cover eye catching? Does it glimmer?  Does the outside really show what is in the inside? Does the inside reflect the Son, catching another's attention, bringing them in to see if there is more? Too many times we dress the cover up. We make it cute and pretty, but it isn't describing what is inside. Inside, hidden from view might be telling another story all together. I want my cover to reflect what is inside. If someone was do my review, what would they say? Would my cover match the words within? It's something to ponder over.

Too many times we judge another by the cover. We see what's there and we don't want to read it at all. I recently received a book that surprised me. I don't know where it came from. It is not a book  that I would have chosen. Not from the cover or what was written on the back, but as I opened the pages it captivated me. I couldn't put it down. It seemed to have so much to say to this girl's heart. I never would have realized what I was missing if I had not taken the time to look inside. Not just reading the first chapter, but moving to the second and giving it a chance. We all have a story to tell. It's important to take the time to listen with our heart. Our library should be diverse. Containing a kaleidoscope of blessings.

Too many times we count people out by the first impression. We see that cover and put it down never to take another look. Just think of all we are missing out on when we give up so soon. Why not take time with people like we do our favorite books? Why not get to know them? Just think about it. We travel through the book store with a cup of coffee picking up books that catch our eye. We read a few pages and maybe we put them in our bag or we set them back upon the shelf. Every book might not be for us, but each book is worth looking into.  We grab those books that say something to us. It's like a connection. But, sometimes we need to move outside our comfort zone and pick up something different. Something unexpected. You might just be surprised by what you find.


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