Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SURPRISED BY WORSHIP by Travis Cottrell with introduction by Beth Moore

Wow! This little book packs a punch! What a surprise it was! First, the book opens with an introduction by Beth Moore that will fill you with such hope you just want to read it over and over. This is a book that taught me so very much about worship and my walk with Christ. We tend to think of worship as just one way, but there are many ways to worship, but first we must open our heart and mind to all God has for us. Through our fears, failures and struggles we can truly worship! Travis brings to life stories I have read in the bible and never thought about them the way Travis shares. He also shares stories of his life, of unexpected surprises and finding joy in them. Stories of surrender, loss, and deep pain. This is a book I will read again and again. It is one you just want to keep in your back pocket. It brings a whole new light to worship and it is one I will continue to pass on to others. Instead of thinking of our trials as journeys why not think of them as adventures? We hear stories of Peter, Paul, and how he shares Mary Magdalene with us just blew me away. I am telling you this book is on my list as favorites. It is one that will change your heart and your thinking of worship forever!!

This book was a gift by Zondervan for it's review.

Dove Award-winning artist Travis Cottrell has been worship leader for Beth Moore and her hugely successful Living Proof Live! Conferences for 12 years. Travis has been on LifeWay’s Top 10 Artist list for the past three years; Alive Forever has sold 130,000 units and Jesus Saves is on track to eclipse that record. He has 6,000 friends on his Facebook fan page and more than 5,000 Facebook friends.

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