Saturday, October 9, 2010

Grandma, I'm here!!!

Yes, I am now that grandma, that nanna with a smile embedded permanently on her face! Yes, my first grand baby, Miss Peyton Marie arrived on Thursday morning, October 7, at 2:25am. She is a tiny little thing at six pounds three ounces and nineteen inches long. Isn't it amazing the information we love to hear? People ask, "Well how much did she weigh?" I can tell you that right off the bat. Now ask me how much all of my own weighed and I get a little confused, but that's okay after three children right?

Funny, I went to church Wednesday night just knowing this was the night. I had already told a friend, "Okay, now if I get the call I am out of here!! lol You will have to take my class." Well, I made it through. Got home, got my jammies on and my phone rang. An accident could have occurred right at that moment. I don't think I ever sprinted that fast across my bedroom! I saw that it was Ashley, heard her voice and the tears began to flow. Haven't stopped crying yet!

So, here I am on the way to the hospital. Praying all the way for this little one and her mother. Then the thought hit me. I have been praying for this little one before she was ever thought of. Yes, as I prayed for my children through the years, I too have prayed for their children, their spouses and family to come. God already knew little Peyton was going to come. He too knew when she would arrive. He was there in that room with His hand upon my daughter and grandchild.

As the moments passed by that night everything was so surreal. I just sat back and took it all in. It is unlike anything I expected. It was much much more. I thought we would be in for a long night, but it wasn't. Ash delivered quickly and perfectly. I was so proud of her. As she delivered, Mark, the man of her dreams and baby sister, Whitney, were at her side. At that moment I went to the door. As they had the perfect vision all that was happening, I could hear everything. I just closed my eyes, but the tears were falling already. It was time. In that room I could hear the joy in my daughter's. I could simply here a proud daddy. All the sounds that night will be embedded into my precious memory forever. To hear that first little cry from Peyton, wow, I don't think there are words to express what is now in my heart.

I was able to watch as they cleaned Peyton all up and prepared her for her first diaper and of course little hat. As I looked upon her it was like looking upon my own baby girl just twenty-two years ago. It's funny how all those memories come flowing back. They are memories that never leave, but only get sweeter with time. My first glance at Peyton was filled with love and protection. I am now grandma!! At this moment it's like life is changing once again. My daughter is no longer just a daughter, but a mother now too. Oh, and what an amazing mother she will be.

Little Peyton has many grandmas and grandpas to care for her. I think we almost have the greatest job here. We get to open our heart to this new little one and it is almost as though a second chance. That doesn't happen with everything in life, but through your grandchild it is as though God opens the door and says, "Now, everything you have learned you can now wash this little one with all your love." Raising children is hard. Hardest job in the world. There are times we get everything right and sometimes well, we know we messed up. Praise God for His grace. I now get the privilege of watching my daughter hold her daughter's hand, and do all those things I once did with her. She now will know all a mother's love in the fullest way.

Yes, I have already been busy crocheting little afghans and purchasing special little gifts only a grandma would give. This is a beginning of new journey for our family. One that I will treasure. One that I am over the top blessed to be part of. I now, can look to my mother with new eyes. I see all the love she has given my children as a grandmother. Christmas has just been made fun once again. Birthdays and all those special events that call for just the right gift and wrapped with love. That is now my job!

Peyton is a fifth generation baby. My grandmother, mother, me, Ashley and now Peyton. To have all girls is very unique. My prayers for Peyton began years ago and will now only continue. I pray God's greatest blessings over her. What a beautiful gift. A day to celebrate life. As I hold this little bundle of love I am in awe of God. I hold her and just gaze upon her with love. A love unconditional. I don't think I have come down from this new grandma high. And you know, I probably never will. I am just going to sit back and enjoy each time I get to hold her and kiss her little forehead. So, you will see more and more pictures. Yes, I am that proud grandma. You can see me coming a mile away and yes, I will have those picture and stories ready to share!!

Congratulations Ashley and Mark!! Welcome to the family little Peyton!! We have been waiting for you for nine months now. You are finally here and wow, what an entrance you have made!!


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