Thursday, August 12, 2010

His Grace Covers All!!

Many times I can hear a song that just speaks volumes to my heart. Sometimes there is a song that can drown out the world and wash us with love. Many times when I feel so inadequate a song will come on and move me to worship the God that I know is there for me. His love covers all. It is His love that changed this girl forever. Sometimes we just feel alone and in need. We are searching for that one thing to fill us. We can find that One thing in Jesus Christ. He can set us free and give us life. Won't you come to Him today? May today be that day you find Him and are washed with His grace. We have those times in which we don't understand why He loves us so. We seem to feel like we are undeserving of His love. Our pasts haunt us and we feel so very lost. His grace covers all. He will meet us right where we are. He will love us no matter of our past. This world tries to hold us back. But in the Lord we can find freedom. He will break those chains that bind us so. Through Him we know what real life is. There is nothing sweeter than His grace and greater than His mercy. ("I Need You To Love Me" by BarlowGirl)


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