Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's lift our hands in praise!

Today as I was driving on my way to the hospital this song came on. It is one of my favorites and when you are in the car and this song comes on, well, let's just say, you can't keep your hands down. This is one of those songs of praise. No matter what we go through here on this earth, our Redeemer lives!!! He lives in us. He lives for us. He gave all for you and I. He is still giving. He is a Life Giver. He redeems the old and renews us to look more like Him. He covers us with His grace and love. His power washes over us, giving us a strength like no other. He is mighty! He is strong! He is absolute perfection! Jesus Christ is our Savior. He came so that we might find life in Him. Once we give our hearts to Him life is never the same. Each day no matter how great the trial we know we can push forward. We know there is more than this earth we now call home. If we know the Lord as our Savior, we have a greater home in heaven. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is never-changing. He is faithful and true. His word is alive. He is the Risen King. That makes me a daughter of the King of kings, Lord of lords. I am am princess in His eyes. I am a Royal Blue blood of the King! We can see Jesus in the words of this song, sang by Nicole C. Mullen. We can feel His presence as we raise our hands celebrating His glory. Listen to the words. Do you believe? Is your faith broken and weak? Are you hurting and tired? Let it all go. Lay it all down and run to Him. Run to His arms and allow Him to love you. Allow Him to give you life everlasting. An abundant life, filled with joy that surpasses all. I pray this song is a blessing to you. If you have never heard it you are in for a great blessing. If you have heard it, listen again for a double blessing as God pours out His love for you and I through this beautiful song of praise!


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