Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME by Ron Hall, Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent

AMAZING! This is one of those WOW books you get lost in and find yourself at the end a new kind of person. That is exactly what happened to me as I read each page. I cried, and I cheered as I watched these characters unfold before me.
This is a true story of Denver Moore, Ron Hall and Deborah Hall. Denver is raised in poverty. A life brought through generations of slavery into crop sharing. We see Denver's struggle to find life after such painful experiences. We watch him struggle with trust in man again. We see Ron and Deborah, rise to the top only to almost lose all that is really important. As Ron is caught up in success, success in the world's view, Deborah is finding true success in a life with Christ. Their stories are painful, but are full of hope, redemption, life, forgiveness and the sweetness of friendship.

We see the sweetness of life even in the midst of trial. We see the depths of struggle caused by others. Sometimes our path in life is not our own, but in that path, we can find God there. A God who has a plan, and not just any old plan, but a plan of greatness if we will just follow Him.

This book is life changing. We see the testimony of three lives before us, bringing hope, and a freedom from the world, finding security in Jesus. I loved each page of this book. We see three lives, different lives, but the same in so many ways. Each trapped by it's own struggle to find peace and a place to fit in this world.

I promise, this book will fill your life with such great hope and promise. I loved having pictures so I could place a face with each character. This is one incredible story that will leave you feeling blessed beyond words.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for its review.


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