Monday, July 12, 2010


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~Theodore Roosevelt

I love learning from the wisdom of others. There is not one who cannot bring something into our lives to be learned from. When we open our eyes and ears to all around us, the world is a school book, filled with wisdom and folly. If we are wise we will learn from the wise, walk with the wise and let wisdom flow from our lips. We will eat the meat the throw away all the bones.

"Do what you can." Such a simple statement, but we rarely act upon it. We seem to focus on all we cannot do, instead of seeking what we can to bring glory and honor to God. In those moments we cannot, God can. It is in those moments He shines through our lives, allowing others to see our abilities He has given. He has a way of opening up opportunities for Him to shine His light through our weakness. There are simply some days I cannot do a lot. Now with my wrists hurting badly, wearing braces on them, my abilities are shortened, but even through the smallest of my abilities God can do great things and go the distance. We seem to have this problem of looking to others and seeing what they are doing, and wishing we were. But if we are thinking in such ways, are we really seeking to bring God glory or ourselves? We need to stop looking at what others can do and begin to have faith in what we can do. We sell ourselves short too many times, giving up when things get hard, and we sit in that room of pity. We can all do something. Each day we should be asking, "God, what do You have for me today?" In doing so, we take our eyes off our inabilities and focus God's abilities.

"With what you have." Oh, how we like to drown ourselves in this one. We like to say, "I cannot do that because..." When God calls us to do His will and way He will provide all we need. We would be amazed at how great and mighty things come from the smallest of possibilities. Just one open door, one willing vessel is all God needs to accomplish His work. When we just simply open our hearts, God can use us greatly. Let's not think about what we don't have, but about what we do have! It's all in our focus. We tend to focus on all others have and that is just the wrong way to wake up. I bet you anything, those you are admiring are the very people who are admiring you. And if we just wake simply living for Jesus, look at all they are going to see shine through our lives. It's not what we have, it's what we do with what we have that counts.

"Where you are." I love this! Plant yourself right where you are and let God bloom you right there! The grass is not as green on the other side as we think it is. We often want to be in an other's shoes, and let me tell ya, an other's shoes are not the easiest to walk in. Shoes are deceptive. They might be expensive, the color might be bright, but those soles might be worn down to almost nothing. Their steps are heavy and each one brings a hurt they hide deep within. Where we are is just where God needs us for the moment. It might not always be the place we expected to be, but God has a plan if we will just seek Him with all our heart. He will guide each step. I have been there, wanting to walk in an other's shoes, and finding out just where they were walking isn't a place my feet want to go. Be blessed where you are! Bless those around you. I used to think those who wrote books, those who sang in front of thousands were so much more important than I. I thought they were making such an impact on the world. But we don't have to go to Africa or Jordan to make a difference. We can begin right here, in our heart, and reach out to those who are side by side with us. It's not how big you are, or how well known. It's what is in your heart and if your willing to stay right where you are so Jesus can shine. I don't need to be in the spot light for Him to do His work. I can be right here where I am making a difference for His kingdom.

So wherever you are today. Plant yourself. Let God grow you just where you are, and make a difference today, not for ourselves, but for Him!


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