Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our choices always come with consequences, good or bad and Allie Whitman is finding that out as she is a professional whistle blower. Allie meets up with Connor Norman. These two are out to make money and are making lots of it as they are uncovering billions of dollars of fraud. It is their job to find these committing fraud and blow the whistle, but this is not as easy as it may sound. There are many decisions to be made, life changing decisions, and is Alley ready to face those in the long run? We watch as these two characters build throughout the story. We watch them transform before us. Leaving behind their old selves, and becoming new. I found this book challenging as it faces us to look at our decisions on a deeper level. Do we always react as we should? Does the truth escape us to find ourselves in safety? These are the challenges that Allie and Connor face together. If you love intrigue, mystery, and truly taking a deeper look at yourself, you will enjoy this book. Crime, claims, and fraud run deep in our government and within companies. These characters weed those out, bringing about truth. But what they do with that truth is what makes this book interesting.
This book was a gift from Abingdon Press for it's review.
This book will be released 10/2010.
Rick Acker is a Deputy Attorney General in the California Department of Justice. He prosecutes corporate fraud lawsuits like those described in When the Devil Whistles. He has led confidential investigations into a number of large and sensitive cases that made headlines in and out of California. Rick holds law degrees from the University of Oslo and the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated with honors. In addition to his novels, he is a contributing author on two legal treatises published by the American Bar Association. Rick lives with his wife in the San Francisco area. Visit him on the Web at:


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