Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Thoughts on "Nightmare" by Robin Parrish

This morning as I woke, I read a few messages I had left for me about a review I did. The review was for "Nightmare", by Robin Parrish. Seems there are a few that did not enjoy my review. First, may I say, Robin Parrish is a talented and amazing writer. He adds detail, and writes so the reader is right there within those pages. He does much work to prepare for his book, as in research. In Nightmare, there were many real facts, and in that, I found it very interesting.
When I do a review I read the book, think upon the book and even take notes. I love to read, and very seldom do I ever put a book down. This was one of the first I have put down.

I read over half of this book, and skimmed through the rest. I did not finish this book. As we read the back of some books it gives little information about what is deep within the pages, and for me, this one carried much more than just on the back cover. It went deep within the paranormal world. Not just meeting a demon, but chasing them. Seeking into this paranormal world was a place I did not feel comfortable going. I had one reader leave a comment sharing that maybe I should steer clear of parts of the bible. That is just not so. The bible, and the truthfulness in the pages written by the Holy Spirit and reading a fiction book are two separate things altogether.

I am a very analytical person. I take deep thought into every aspect of my life, including what I allow to enter into it. I have much respect for all writers. I do not read a book that I can not walk away with something valuable, a nugget, a treasure to hold on to. I love learning and growing.

I am blessed to do reviews for many Christian publishers, and authors. It is something I take very seriously. I write from my heart with honesty and purity. I stand by my reviews. If I am asked to do a review, I am asked to be completely honest. There are many reasons we don't finish every book we pick up. Sometimes it is the wording, maybe it doesn't capture our attention after the first few pages, or it is the content it contains. I do not force my reviews on anyone. I do not force anyone to come to my blog and read them. Just as I do not force my opinions on others unless asked. And that is what I am to do for a review. I am to be honest and forth coming. If there is a reason I did not finish a book, I am going to include those reasons, so others can see a clear picture.

Within this review, I added the back cover, added the characters, and the main plot. Ending in my reasons for not finishing this book. I am sure Mr. Parrish, would want his readers to be honest if they did enjoy or did not. That is how we grow as writers and people. Everyone is not going to be captivated by the same books, styles, and authors. We all have our favorites that we enjoy. It is those we pick up and never put down until we are finished.

I would never go to an other's blog and attack them for writing a review that I did not agree with. That was their opinion of the book. That review is what they took from the book. For all of us who love reading, we can enjoy this gift together. Sharing we what learn. As my Pastor says, "You take the meat and throw away the bones." What did I take from this book? That if I am grounded in my faith, there is nothing in this world that can attack me, harm me, or destroy me. Mr. Parrish shed light on a world that exists and it is a world I do not want to be part of. I applaud Mr. Parrish for his writing skills, technique and passion. I respect him for following in the path the Lord has called him.

We are to respect others opinions. We can always agree to disagree on a subject. Just because we don't agree doesn't make one right or one wrong. There is truth in each side.

I want to say thank you for those who stop by, read my blog and reviews. I am blessed when you share, but please do not attack me when we do not agree. I do not force you to be here, nor do I wish to be degraded by others in a lack of understanding.


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