Monday, May 17, 2010

LIFE IN SPITE OF ME(Extraordinary Hope After a Fatal Choice) by KRISTEN JANE ANDERSON with TRICIA GOYER

When you pick up this story about Kristen Jane Anderson's life you are touched not only by this young seventeen year old who is calling out for help, but her life through one choice, and how God used that one choice to make a difference in thousands of others.
Life was painful to say the least for this seventeen year old. The loss of friends, the loss of her grandmother, and a rape that no one knew about haunted her until one fateful night she lay herself across the railroad tracks to take her own life. As thirty-five railroad cars ran across her, she heard the sweet sound of Amazing Grace and felt this hand of power holding her down, protecting her. As Kristen lost her legs, saving her life was a miracle itself. Even though Kristen was lost in depression and anger, God was still with her, and brought this story before others to see His grace and love. Kristen shares the details of her one choice and why, but it doesn't stop there. She also opens up and shares the aftermath of this one decision that changed her life forever. We see how God transformed her life and brought not only healing, but peace and a new outlook on life.

I loved this book. It broke my heart, and it also filled me with joy. Only a God of heaven can bring a story to do that. If you are hurting yourself, this would be an excellent book, if you know of another who is struggling, or would just like to read about how awesome God moves this is one for you.

Kristen has a ministry in which she reaches others with a powerful love. REACHING YOU MINISTRIES can be found at

This book was a gift from Multnomah WaterBrook Press for its review.

Kristen Jane Anderson has been featured on Oprah and is a popular speaker at colleges, women’s and youth events, churches, and suicide prevention outreaches. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute and the founder of Reaching You Ministries, Kristen seeks to help those who are hurting, hopeless, lost, suicidal and depressed. Tricia Goyer is the author of three hundred articles for national periodicals, as well as fourteen novels and six nonfiction books, including Blue Like Play Dough.


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