Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When I first placed this book in my hands I said, "Praise God." Within these pages John shows us the heart of man, his childhood dreams, his adult struggles, and gives men the courage and permission to be who God created them to be. We see our churches with men not fully participating, and now with John's great read we can finally understand why. I love how John shares the weakness of men, and how much they really try to hide. He shares with us just how to be true to ourselves and how to leave behind the world's ideas of what a man is, and our vision of what a Christian man is. He brings such thought and wisdom through this openly, heartfelt book.Men are brought up to learn they do not have to depend on anyone much less God. That they can do it all. This book will help me teach me son to be the man he is called to be. This is one I am placing in my husband's hands to read also. Not only will women find answers that have been confused about, but men can find a new freedom. I loved this book and am blessed to have read each page. It will not only help me know my husband better, but with strengthen our relationship.
This book was a gift by Thomas Nelson for its review.

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