Saturday, April 10, 2010


What is summertime for you? Do you like the windows open? Do you like the top down? Do you enjoy walks in the evening or sitting in the shade with a cool glass of tea? Maybe you live in the park or take a trip to the zoo?
Summertime gives a freedom to the soul. Its time to relax, renew, and enjoy! For some that's watermelon, picnics, and swimming in the pond. Yum, the smell of barbecue in the air, cut grass, and fresh flowers.

Forget the shoes, get those flip flops out and that big bag to carry for the summer holding all your goodies. Time to put away all those sweaters, scarves, and boots. Okay, maybe those cowboy boots can stay out. But bring out those summer skirts, little dresses swinging in the breeze and you gotta have the shades, am I right?

Its time to bring together those friends. Its time to put those school books away, and for me those books are gone for good this year as my son graduates.

People just seem happy, they carry a new joy in their heart. You see smiles, and waves while people are mowing the grass. The birds are singing a new tune, and the trees are giving much needed shade.

You see people in the garden, tilling up the ground to plant new seeds. You see all the stands shortly after with the fresh fruits and vegetables to fill your dinner table.

Its time to bring out that comfortable chair, and enjoy that book in the sun. Its time to watch all the kids play outdoors with all their shouts and laughter. Grab those canoes, put on those swimming suits, and lets go!

I feel energized. I feel fresh, and alive with a summertime breeze. Its those evenings out playing softball in the dirt. Those trips for ice cream where you lick it before it drops. You drive with the windows down, and the radio turned up loud.

You just kinda wanna lay there in the mornings and be lazy, letting the fresh air wash over you. The chores can wait, that to do list can hold on a few hours. Let it all go, grab that girlfriend, and go!

Make those days special with your husband and kids. Take the time to make memories to last a lifetime. Click those cameras to scrap all those pics. From the time the sun comes up in the morn, til it goes down at night, take the time to show the love. Make your summertime last forever!


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