Monday, March 8, 2010

who is in your circle?

Have you ever just been totally confused on a subject? Well, sadly this girl has. I love it when God clears those issues up for us so we can move on.
Satan has a way of getting into our mind, our heart and those feelings that can sometimes take over our common sense.

As a friend and I were recently talking about clicks, the light bulb went on and I could hear music in the background. Seriously! I just sat back and said, "Thanks for clearing that one up for me God."

Okay, here goes. Have you ever felt like you were left out? Maybe there were clicks all around you? I was, until a few days ago. It's so funny, we all want to be liked and loved. The reality of that is that not everyone is going to like us, plain and simple. Is there really anything wrong with that? I don't think so. There is never reason to just be mean to another, and always reason to be kind to those around us, but there are those who we cannot relate to, and those we have nothing in common with. Women, can we get that through our heads? The only place we can find the love that will fill everything we need is from God! Friends can add to our lives, but they are not our lives!! I think we can miss that whole point, and try to fill our lives with friends, and be hurt when others just don't get us.

Now, let me say clicks are wrong. No one should be part of a click. A click is a group of people who let no one else in their group or do they reach out to others. A click just stays right there within themselves. Clicks are hurtful to others who seem to be looking in and wanting friendships. Sadly, this can happen in our churches today, making women feel at a loss.

Now, there is another way to look at a group of friends who are close. Which is totally opposite from a click. This group of friends lift one another up, are there for one another, but they are also inviting to others, reaching out always.

Jesus had His inner circle of friends. He had His disciples that He was close to and walked with. He didn't separate Himself from others, ignoring others needs. He opened His arms to all who came. He carried a special friendship with these men, and look at Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, they were close friends of Jesus.

We all have those special friends who we grew up with, came to know Christ with, or have known for years, those relationships that are kindred spirits. They are our inner circle of friends who we can go to for anything and with anything. They are those friends who we have a deep connection with that will last a life time.

We don't have to see each other daily, call each other on a daily basis or text ten times a day to know we are loved and prayed for. Sometimes those friendships seem as though they are drifting away, but they are not. When you are so close you just know when to pray for the other, and you know that when life gets busy, when situations come that you are not forgotten.

We are all in different places in life. I have friends who have small children at home, and friends who have college students. I am somewhere there in the middle still. No young children at home, but one almost to college. While we are in different places, we may find others who we can relate to that the Lord brings into our lives as an extra blessing.

You may have friends, but some of them are closer to others than you. Girls, this is okay, just as you might be closer to another. You might go and spend lunch with a friend one week, and then another call upon another friend.

When things in my life happen, I have different friends I run to for help in different situations. All of my friends are different, they are all unique and add something special to my life that no other could possibly do.

We can get so hung up on who isn't calling, who isn't writing, who isn't returning calls, and who didn't smile back at us, that we forget just who did call, just who did write, and just who returned that call at the right time. I say we should be the kind of friend to others that we want in our lives.

When we are surrounded by that inner circle of friends we should feel the blessings of the Lord. And for those others around us, we should feel joy when see other sisters in Christ connecting.

Satan can trap our thinking, he can make us feel insecure and not wanted, but when we stop allowing his thoughts to cover us, and let God's grace cover us, we can find that real love between friends. We often wait for others to reach out to us, when we too should be reaching out to others. And when we do get our feelings hurt, don't just hold it in. Don't suffer with that pain alone, reach out to that friend with all honesty and respect, opening your wounded heart to them.

I think you would be surprised at the ladies and men who feel this way. We secretly hold all these feelings inside, when if we just let them out, and shared, think of the relief to our aching heart. What do we get in return for being honest? Restored friendships!

Don't worry if your not invited to every shopping trip out, don't worry if your two friends had lunch and you were not invited. You too have those days out with a friend and want that same understanding. Friendships are not about one person, they are about many, circled together, hand by hand, surrounding each other with love. Blessing each other in many different ways.

If you are hurt by a click, go to those involved and share your heart. You might just be that person who changes their heart. They may not even have been aware of what they were doing.

If you have an inner circle, call yourself blessed. Whether your circle contains one, two or five, even more, its not the number that counts, its the relationship you have with that special friend!


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