Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is around the corner

As you can see I have changed my blog again. I think I just kind of go with the seasons, and it is feeling like Spring is right around the corner.
The sun is out bright, a cool breeze is blowing, and in the evening we can hear the frogs peeping, letting us know warmer weather is on its way.

Although being a winter girl has its advantages, I too love summer and all it brings in. I love my windows open, watching the breeze blow at the curtains. I enjoy laying out on the deck with a cold glass of tea, a great book, and the warmth of the sun.

I can't wait for ripe watermelon, soft showers to bring in the green grass, and the bright songs of the birds in the morning. To put on a Summer dress and take a walk through the park makes the day bright.

I am too thrilled for softball to begin and put my hand in my old, tattered glove again. I am thrilled to be going to the Muny again with my kids, watching the new plays, while sitting in the dark, seeing all the bright stars above.

To put my flip flops on again, and even go bare foot in the grass makes me smile. Listening to my husband start up the motorcycle stirs my heart.

Yard sales, ice cream, and picnics in the park after our visit to the zoo makes me want to be here now.

I am beginning to place up pictures of summer fun I enjoy. I love hanging clothes out on the line when I feel good. It gives me a time to soak in the sun, feel the cool morning air, and spend time with the Lord who has made it all for me to enjoy!

Driving in the car with the music up loud, dancing in my seat with the windows down makes me happy.

Taking a drive to Jacks Fork River to take a swim and a dive off the bluff sets a fire under our feet. Packing a lunch and digging in to the ice for a cold drink to quench my thirst gets me excited.

Sitting outside in the evening watching the sun go down, and opening our eyes to the lightening bugs gives account for all God has created big and small.

I hope you too take enjoyment in the summer as I do. I hope as Spring comes in you are able to see all the newness given to us by our loving God.

Are you as excited as I am? I can't wait to have those fresh flowers sitting on my kitchen table that my husband so loves to pick for me.

I am ready, come on Spring!


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