Thursday, March 11, 2010

a little bouquet

My husband came through the door this morning with his hand behind his back. As I turn to look at him, he brings his hand around with a bouquet of daffodils. It is these sweet moments that place a smile upon my face.
When I woke today I felt just blah. One of those days where nothing is really wrong, but something just isn't sitting right. I am never amazed at how my husband knows my thoughts. He can tell without me speaking if I am happy or if I do not feel well or if I am mad as fire. My husband can look at my eyes and see if I am feeling great or poorly. On those really good days where there is no pain my eyes are very blue, but on those days where I am feeling down my eyes are green. Ya know, it blesses my heart to know my husband pays such close attention to my eyes.

I just have to share how blessed of a girl I am to have such an amazing man in my life. Now, do not mistake me, everything is not always a rose garden, sometimes the manure is pretty thick in our garden.

I gotta be honest and tell ya that my husband bringing in daffodils behind his back means more to me than any roses ever bought for me. Its like a sweet kiss that is forever tattooed on my heart.

When things are so hard here at home for us right now those little moments can brighten my day and be a lasting memory to call upon when I feel blue. I have learned it is not the big things in life that really matter, its those small gestures of love. Those few moments someone thinks of you and reaches out to say, "I love you" just with an action ever so sweet.

Some may say a way to a man's heart is through food. Well, I know for a fact that is not what attracted my husband to me! He is the cook in our family. For this girl, the way to my heart is just what he gave me this morning, a sweet moment shared by opening his hand with a gift to my heart.
You know someone feeling a little blah today? Lift them up with just a small gesture of kindness. You never know what a lasting impact you may make on their life.


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