Saturday, March 20, 2010

its that time again

Yes, it is that time of year again. Spring is here! The robins are out with their huge bellies, searching for worms, as the other birds are out searching for twigs to make their nests for their new arrivals. The trees are budded out, and ready for bloom. The grass is perking up and sprouting new. The windows are beginning to open up bit by bit, and soon we hear once again hear those lawn mowers chasing the weeds.
There is just something about the newness of Spring that stirs my heart. Does it yours? This fresh air seems to give me a burst of energy and even a giddy up in my walk.

This is the time of year as that sun bursts through the windows we realize just how dirty they are. It is that sun shining through that casts an eye on all that needs to be made clean. As the sun begins to brighten each morning, new areas catch our attention.

Although we clean daily, it is this time of year we begin to embark on getting into those closets, brave ourselves at cleaning out those drawers, and set all our "unwant" in a pile for those who might want in a yard sale.

Doesn't it feel marvelous to clean? I don't mean just vacuum up some dirt, I mean to get in there with your hands, to dirty those knees, and whisk away those dust bunnies that seem joyful under the couch.

When we have done a days work, we can then sit back and take a good look. What is that you see first? I do catch a glimpse of all I have done, but my eye catches on those things that still need to be done before the sun really casts its glow. Isn't that funny? No matter how much we clean, we can always spot a smudge of dirt that needs to be removed. Something I have learned is that no matter how much I dust, how many times I wash the curtains or scrub the floor, the next day there is more to do. It is a never ending cycle to cleanliness. So for me, its not about getting it all done in one day, its about opening my eyes to all around me and cleaning what comes to my eye first, taking my time and getting in there and doing it right with a joyful heart.

When our home is clean it is inviting. Others want to come in and stay a while. They feel at home. We feel at home when all is in its place, but we are not always the first to notice if something is out of whack. Sometimes its another that points that out to us, and boy, don't we love when that happens? We seem to get defensive, we seem to shout out, "Can't you see what I have already done?" Sound familiar?

The same is in our Christian walk. We want our lives to shine for Him, but in order to do so, we have got to keep them clean, so the Son can shine through. Everything doesn't have to be brand new, because He shines His best through all those cracks and crevices that were once filled with dirt and are now open to all to see His glory through.

Just as we feel awesome and feel as though we have made an improvement when our home is clean, we too feel that way with our hearts when they are clean. But see, the thing is, everyday should be as exciting as that first Spring cleaning day! Each day when we wake we should be looking for all those spots and blemishes that need to be cleansed.

I have this very old, beautiful table from a light in my life that is no longer here. She was Ms. Gertie Jennings. The Lord seemed to shine through her life and when looking upon her you could catch a glimpse of Him. I am blessed to have this antique sitting in my living room with pictures of my children upon it. On this wonderful tattered table is a ring in one corner. This ring must have been from a pot of some sort that left its mark for all to see. Now, this circle, this mark doesn't make this table any less valuable to me. If anything it gives it more character. It makes it unique as it tells a story. We cannot wash away every mark upon us, and we are not meant to. It is those scars left behind that tell a story of who we were, and of who we are. God uses those to show others they are not alone. So see, as He cleans up areas in our lives, He allows His glimmer to shine through those in which we so want to hide.

In my daily walk there are areas in my life in which God has changed, areas that He has cleaned up and I still need to be on the look out for that dust that can cover up all that needs my attention. So open those windows, let the Son shine in, let Him do the rearranging, allow Him to do the spot check.
When we spend time with Him each day, open our hearts, minds and soul to Him, He will show us the areas that need work, and He will shine through all that glimmers bright for Him.
Psalm 139:23-24 "Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties; And see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting."
Lord, as I open my closets to my bedroom, I ask You to open those to my heart. As I clean out my cabinets, I ask you to through away anything unusable. Lord, as I hear the birds of Spring, the shouts of children in the park, and the sweet smells of flowers, make my life in such a way that it only shines for You. Clean my heart, my life, and my home and set me on the track of finding glory in allowing You a place to show me all that can be used for Your honor and glory.


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