Monday, March 8, 2010

its a new morning

I gotta tell ya this morning I am waking up with my body in severe pain from the fibromyalgia, I have a list of chores ahead to do, school with my son, and a husband who is off to look for work again this morning.

But as I wake up this morning, the sun is shining brilliantly through the windows and doorway. The warm breeze is blowing in. My son is playing his mandolin, making beautiful music to start the day. I am listening not only to the music, but to the Lord speak to my heart. Isn't that just a beautiful thing to know we can hear His voice when we stop for a moment? It doesn't matter if its quiet or in the clamor of the day, we can always hear Him through all.

When I open my eyes this morning I realize my attitude is a choice, just as what I will wear today. I have the choice to crawl under the sheets and stay until things look better, or I can rise up, plant my feet firmly on the ground with a faith in God and a hope in all He is doing.

So I can choose to be a daisy, bright, full of life in the midst of rain, or I can wake being an old hermit crab, complaining my day away. Not really a choice when you look at it that way is it? I am learning that no matter how much I crab about the day, no matter how much worry I do about what is to come or not come, it doesn't add a thing to my life! All it does is take away another precious moment that the Lord has given me today!

There are times when we need to just live moment by moment, not even hesitating over the next half hour. No one knows what is to come in the next minute of our lives. So why not just stop and enjoy the minute right now? Letting all the things go they we have no control over is a step in the right direction. Yesterday is already gone, we can't bring it back. Today is a new day, a new dawn, with new hopes and dreams to fill our lives.

There are those moments where I feel as though we are falling, slowly falling and there is no net. But that is Satan slithering his tiny thoughts and lies through my head. We are not falling, and there is a net, the great hands of God to catch us when we stumble. Sometimes the dance is fast and others it is slow. Just as the rain, sometimes it pours buckets for only a day, and others, well, its a slow, steady rain lasting for weeks. Its all about how we dance in the rain that matters. We can hold that umbrella over head to keep the rain from drenching us, or we can just slip on those rain boots, and get out there and splash in the rain with a smile on our face, taking in all the beauty around us.

What will your choice be today? I am choosing the daisy my friends. I am choosing to dance with a smile no matter how hard the rains fall. Praise Jesus for His love, His mercy and His grace that He gives us in the dance. Praise Jesus He takes the lead, He takes our hand and we just move to the music, knowing He has our dance card filled.
Philippians 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!"


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