Sunday, March 14, 2010

A DISTANT MELODY by Sarah Sundin(Wings of Glory Book 1)

This book is based on two characters, Allie Miller and Lt. Walter Novak. They are surrounded by the effects of World War 2. Allie is an only child in a wealthy family, a family that she has tried to please all her life, and is not able to feel their approval in anything. Walter is in the Army Air Guard and the only place Walter feels worthy is in the cockpit of a plane. He feels as if he is living in the shadow of his brothers who have followed in their father's footsteps as a Pastor. Their lives come together as friends introduce them, and its this group of friends that you not only get to know by name, but you fall in love with each character. No one can come close to understanding Allie's or Walter's life except each other. They find the acceptance they are looking searching for in one another. They find a beautiful bond as they grow in friendship. As our country is at war, Walter is off fighting and Allie's parents want her to marry the man they have chosen, a man she does not love. Allie's heart belongs to Walter and we see a love grow between them. I absolutely loved this tale of love, honor, honesty, and commitment. As the world around them is unsure, the only thing that becomes sure is their love for one another. It is like you are picked up and placed in the lives of those fighting. The detail, the language, and characters make this book unforgetable. This book was a gift from Revell for its review.
Sarah Sundin is the author of A Distant Melody. Her great-uncle flew with the US Eighth Air Force in England during WWII. Sarah lives in California with her husband and three children.

Coming soon, "A Memory Between Us" Book 2 of this series! I can't wait for this one! This is a series you don't want to miss!


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