Sunday, February 21, 2010

walking together

I have now changed the colors of my blog as you can see. I want it to reflect who I am. I want it to as we are walking together on a journey. I want it to inviting for everyone. My hope is that as that as we go through this journey together we can walk upon the stepping stones of life and count each one as a blessing. Even when we are trying to get to the other side it can be a challenge. God has placed stepping stones for us in our path to grow in wisdom and reflect on Him. As we step upon each one may we not hurry across, but take our time, enjoying the walk together. Now, I am a girl of pinks, I love flowers, but I don't think men want to come and visit a place where it appears so girly. I too love the browns, and the hues of the wooded areas. I love walking through the woods and hearing the sounds and stop stopping for a while to soak up all that God has given. As I share with you I pray you too will share with me, and we can grow and walk together. God has brought so many blessings into my life from blogging. I would have never expected to find such beauty here, but where else would we find God but in the most unexpected places. I pray you walk a little closer to Him today. I pray you can look around you and see Him in everything. Our journey at times seems long, but I am learning through that journey is where I find Him and I find myself, my real self in the midst of Him.

Lord, today I praise You for Your goodness, for showing me who You are along my stepping stones.


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