Wednesday, January 13, 2010

some days

Some days we are full of joy, and others we are full of pain. Some days we are full of strength and others we find ourselves weak. Some days we feel beautiful and others we feel trapped in our skin. Some days we are the ones spreading joy and others we are the ones in need of joy. Some days we wake with a smile on our face, and others with tears falling down our cheeks. Days are never the same for us. Each day brings with it a different emotion and a different response to all around us. Some days we feel like being surrounded by friends and others we need to be alone. Some days we are full of energy, but others too tired to raise our head. In our days each moment is a choice. Our emotions can be a roller coaster, but we need to make a conscious choice not to let our emotions fuel who we are. Some days we see the sun shining down, and others we hear the pouring rain. Some days we hear the song of sweet birds, and others we hear the roar of thunder. Some days we pick up all our burdens and others we lay them all down. Some days we feel like dressing up and others we tend to stay in our Jammies. Some days all we see are our troubles and others all we see are the blessings from up above. Some days we feel loved and others we feel left out. Some days the anger takes over and others we feel the peace that surpasses all around us. Some days we feel like dancing, others we don't even hear the music. Some days it tends to be all about us, and others we see the needs of others first. We can make a difference in each day by making Jesus Christ first in our life. We can make a choice to see Him in all things that touch us. We can step out the door each day filled with His joy, looking up and not letting this world get us down. Some days we are fake and put on that smile, others we are grinning from ear to ear. Some days we have the answers and others, well, we feel lost in the unknown. Some days we feel like being honest, and others we hold it all in. No matter what each day brings we can have the confidence that Jesus is with us, and He is all that matters. Nothing can take Him away and nothing can break our faith in Him. Each day, why not open our eyes with a prayer, with a praise, and see the world through His eyes and not our own. Let us try waking to the beat of different drum and putting others first. Let us wake each day with the faith He has instilled in us, and lay our heads down each night being filled with His peace. Let us wake each day singing His praise and giving our heart to Him. Some days may come hard, and some easy, but we can know with each day, He is with us throughout all. Today put a smile on your face, knowing you are a child of the King of kings!!!!

Lord, thank You for blessing me with Your love today, help me to face each day with a renewed strength in You. Fill me with Your Spirit and walk with me through all that touches my life today. I cannot wait for the Someday that I see You face to face, for that Someday will be like no other.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Philippians 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!"


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