Thursday, January 21, 2010

LEAVING YESTERDAY by Kathryn Cushman

Leaving yesterday behind is not so easy. We all have pasts, but sometimes it is those very pasts holding us back from moving forward. Alisa is the mother of three children. She has lost a son who has been murdered on a missionary trip, a young daughter at home, and a son who after the death of his brother, lost his way. This young man, Kurt, has become an addict. He has been away from home for a while now. The tragedy of her son's death has brought tremendous grief in many ways. Alisa is now separated from her husband, a husband who believed in tough love. A husband who blames himself just as much as Alisa blames herself. Alisa is involved in the church as a teacher and speaker. She reaches thousands with her stories of healing, anger, and honesty about her feelings of the death of her son. The murder of a drug dealer comes to Alisa's door, with the police now asking the whereabouts of her son, who is wanted for questioning. What is a mother to do? How far will a mother go to protect her son? We find redemption of the prodigal who left home, and has returned. We find forgiveness and healing in this family. This book takes a turn, a twist if you will. It leaves you guessing and hoping for this family to return as it once was. We find that through their trials, the church family surrounds them with support, but will they now as the truth is coming out? We hear again that wise saying," The truth shall set you free", and indeed it does. I enjoyed picking up this one. For the mother of prodigals, it gives great hope. This book was a gift from Bethany House for its review.


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