Saturday, January 16, 2010


Do you ever wonder what your potential is in life, your purpose? The best place to go is to God, to seek Him and He will show us. This book takes us step by step to understanding the will of God for our lives, and uses Scripture to get us there. If you find yourself searching, thinking this is it, is there more to life, this book is for you. It was for me, just at the right time. We are shown to pursue our potential. We first must have a clean heart, a pure mind, and a soul seeking the will of God. We must have an ongoing surrender to God of all we have in our lives, and surrender our hearts to Him. Mr. Stanley shows us the character of a man is shown not just by reading God's word, but by living it, by hiding it in our hearts and allowing God to move through us. Too many times we give up, we lose hope, and we lose sight of our way, but Mr. Stanley shows us today we can begin new, we can open our mind to all God has for us by giving all of our self to Him.God does not want us to live a risk free life, He doesn't want us to play it safe, He wants us to seek all of our possibilities, and gifts that He has given. If we are not using all He has given, then we are wasting the gifts He so lovingly gave each of us. We need to trust in Him, and not in our ways. He shows we often compare ourselves to one another, and that is wrong. We are not meant to be like another, we are meant to shine and to live abundantly, not settle. We don't often respond to God's challenges because we want control, and we are fearful of change. One of my favorite chapters is chapter 4, where Mr. Stanley speaks of having a clean heart. Of how many times we wash our hands in a day, and just how much we ignore the cleanliness of our heart. I love where he says, "Our heart is as clean as our last thought." This book was thought provoking, eye opening and was inspiring to me. These are words we all need to hear if we want to live as Christ, if we are seeking our way, and finding our potential. We can find it all right in God's word, in spending time with Him and listening to all He has to say. This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for its review.


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