Monday, January 18, 2010

finding my way through the fog

Sitting here, looking through the window this morning watching the fog had me thinking. In fog we cannot see very far, sometimes we cannot even see a stones throw. It is dangerous to drive in, and when they fog falls upon us in the valley, it too can seem as though we are living in a fog. As we drive in the fog, we turn our lights on, we turn on the defroster, we might even open a window a bit to keep the windshield clear, but we still drive at a snails pace, making our way through. Sometimes life is difficult trying to make our way through. No matter what we do, it seems as though the fog is heavy, and is not lifting, weighing us down. We wait for the day that the sun shines, the skies clear and we can see again. Today I find myself waiting on both. It is very foggy here, the skies are full, and it looks as though it could rain at any moment. As I woke this morning, I woke with a heavy heart, the feel of weight bearing down on me, the feeling as though the tears were going to break through at any moment. I was able to lay in bed and spend time with the Lord, precious time, where in His presence the fog is lifted, the skies are clear and the Son is shining. I have many things that are weighing on my heart, many thoughts that are not escaping my mind, but are surrounding all I am doing. If we are not careful we can get trapped in that fog, we can become surrounded by feelings of emptiness. I have been there and I can find myself there often when I am focusing on all around me, the situations effecting my life and those I love, but when I find myself in the presence of Jesus, He shines a new light on things. I can see more clearly when I look through His eyes and not my hurting eyes. In the fog there is so much unknown, we find ourselves driving, not knowing what is ahead, and that can be fearful. Our lives too can be filled with the fear of the unknown. In life on our journey, there are going to be sunny days, rainy days, windy days, and those days where the fog is thick. We can't allow the circumstances on our journey effect what is in our heart. If it is raining outside we can still feel the warmth of the sun in our hearts. If we are not careful we allow all those effects to determine our outlook on life, our attitude for the day, and our feelings of security in our hearts. For me I like preparing, I like being ready early(my friends would attest to that), I don't like the unknown, I don't like uncertainty, and that is exactly what I am facing right now, today. But whether our day is filled with sunshine or clouds, do we ever really know what is coming? Life changes so quickly, in just a second life can change forever. The only thing that I find myself knowing this morning, the only thing I am sure of, the only security I have in my life right now is Jesus Christ. He is the only never changing, never leaving, forever the same security I have. Everything around me seems to change daily, but Jesus is always there, always reaching out to me, and forever loving me. When I am in His presence all is right, no matter what is falling around me. When I feel His hand upon me I know all is going to work for His glory. When I hear His precious words, I know that He is with me through all, through the changes that come daily. Although I find it hard to see through the fog, although the pain is piercing in my heart of the unknown, I need to place my trust in the One who can see, who can lift me out of that fog, and fill my heart with a renewed Spirit full of joy. It is hard to let go of fear, its hard to face the unknown, and even harder to let go. Even though those around me may not understand, I know that Jesus does. As I face each day of unknown, I know that my Redeemer will see me through. When I place my faith in Him, it is a new day, a new moment, and a new time. When I open my heart up to Him, I know without a doubt He is there for the long haul. When I was listening to the radio yesterday I heard a song with the words, "This is my temporary home." As I sat listening to this song, the tears ran down my cheeks, with a new found peace. I know this is my temporary home, and all that touches me seems like it is here to stay, but it is temporary, just as the fog. The fog lifts, and we see the sun shine again. As night falls, and the darkness takes over, the stars still shine no matter if the clouds are blocking them from our view. Many times I may not see ahead, my vision may be clouded, but there is One who set the stars in the heavens that sees just where I am headed and what I am facing each day. He is my compass, He is my forever North. As long as I keep my eyes upon Him, He will guide me through whatever is blocking my vision.

Wherever you are today my friend, know that Jesus will see you through. He won't just see you through, but He will guide you, bless you, and keep you in His care. Just when the fog seems like it will be here to stay, it will lift, the Son will shine, and you will see your path clearly. He knows every plan He has for us, and just what it is going to take to get us there. Let Him be your sight, your ears, and allow your heart to follow Him. There is no other guide like Him.

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


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