Sunday, January 31, 2010

the bracelet

I have a sweet friend who blesses me with her creations of bracelets. I have a whole collection of them, and am always eager to be blessed with more. They are just so beautiful, a little glimpse of love on my wrist when I look down. You say love? Well, this friend, although she loves me, she loves the gift that the Lord has given her in creating.

She has a beautiful collection of beads, some are big, tiny, colorful, clear, crystal, or wooden. There are many different kinds of beads, and she is like the keeper of the beads.

She loves each bead, but when she places all of them together in just the right way, they just simply shine. I have been there watching her create, and it is not something she does just on a whim, she takes her time, and when one doesn't fit right she removes it and begins again. She sees the color pattern, the size of the beads and with her eyes and her heart she places them together with such amazing talent.

You can hold one stone in your hand, you can feel each one, and know that each stone is special, and unique, but when they are placed altogether, wow, its like a orange blossom coming alive on your wrist.

She prays and seeks God's design over her talent. She finds joy in creating and does not like to be rushed(although I tend to push her a little), and in the right moment she comes alive when she is creating.

Although you can find beauty in each bead, when they are together they make a pattern, they make a circle, they are connected and bound together as one.

Isn't that what Christ has done with us, His children? Each one of us together is special, and unique, but when He places us with our spouse, with friends, with those around us in our path, look at the beauty He creates. God takes His time creating, He isn't going to be rushed no matter how much we want something. He knows exactly when the right time is for His blessings to reach us. In us God is creating something so grand, He can see each step as beauty, although we may not at the time, but when everything comes together for us, it is at that moment we can look back and see with each trial, each step of the way He was creating all the time.
It's funny really, she can take beads that you wouldn't really think go together and make something so rich and at times beyond words. Just as we are. If we do not move outside our circle we may never know the bounds at which Christ wants to take us. We may never see the blessings of others, or even the rich blessings we could have together. God knows exactly how to place together the things which are going to bring Him glory.

As I wear my new bracelet today, I will look upon it and remember God's beauty, and all He is creating in me. I will remember to be still and wait upon Him. God is teaching us through everything that touches our lives, if we can open our eyes to Him He will indeed show us what He is up to, and let me tell ya, He is up to something good!


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