Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SHADES OF BLUE by Karen Kingsbury

Just when I think I have read her best she comes out with one that grabs my heart. Shades of Blue is a story about our choices, our pasts and just how they each effect the rest of our lives. Forgiveness and peace come with letting go, and we must let go before we can move on to our future. This is what takes place in the lives of Emma, Laura and Brad. These three lives intertwine and we see how God moves through each of them and how He restores them to shine for His glory. As Brad and Laura are getting ready to marry, Brad finds himself thinking of his past, the girl he left without saying good-bye, and the choices they made while young that has kept them from moving on and enjoying life to the fullest. As Emma and Brad find forgiveness in the past, Laura must find forgiveness in the here and now. I loved this story. We may not all have gone through the same situations, but we all have a past, we all need forgiveness and restoration and that is exactly what Karen brings to light in this amazing story filled with love. This is a keeper, this is one to pass on to your friends, and one that will change your heart, giving you a glimpse into just what abortion can do to all, and how one day, one choice will change your life forever.


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