Friday, December 18, 2009

SAVING CICADAS by Nicole Seitz

This is a story about family, about choices and how each choice we make effects the rest of our lives. This story begins with Priscilla, a single mother, her parents, Mona and Poppy as her children call him, along with her children, Rainey, who is seventeen and has down syndrome, and Janie, her smart, but outspoken, eight year old daughter. Priscilla finds out she is pregnant and instead of facing her circumstances head on, she leaves with her family in tow, driving across state and ending up back home where their lives together began in Forest Pines, South Carolina. Priscilla is looking for the father of her daughters that left on his motorcycle, never to be heard from again, that is until they met one night and she became pregnant for the third time. This book travels from place to place, never staying in one situation, but always adding to the story line. My favorite part of this story was when Poppy told the girls about the cicadas. While they are outside in the beautiful weather, they notice these little bugs everywhere, not making a sound, but the sight of them brings beauty. Poppy shares how every seventeen years the cicadas come out of the ground to lay their eggs, only to die shortly after. Little Rainey carries one with her throughout this story, and I believe the cicadas tells the theme of the story. That through the beauty of life, there is death and many things we do not understand. Priscilla finds her haunted past in South Carolina, a past of an abortion, a baby receiving her angel wings, and of parents hanging on to see their daughter come to healing. She does find healing with the help of a brother who has been left out of her life for years, now to come into her life as a Pastor, a brother and a counselor. She leans on him and asks him questions about life and promises to one day share her past with him. This story was somewhat hard for me to follow. I loved the meaning of this story, but felt the story line moved too much and left me feeling confused. I do like how the author brought her feelings of being Pro-life into her work. She shares through these characters how the mother feels, and the baby, the childhood she never had, and all that she has missed because of her mother's choice. This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for its review.


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