Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is a must read for anyone who has lost joy in their heart, one who is deeply searching for real happiness. Leslie shows us in her book, "Lord, I just want to be happy", just how to find that rich joy again after hurt, after loss, and depression. This is one of those great books that will set you free from searching in all the wrong places for happiness, or for trying to hide your pain. Leslie brings us through step by step in how to reach out to the Lord, how to let go and let God, and gives us insight on gaining strength from being so weak from the pain of heartache. She shows us how to move on from yesterday and gives us the tools we need to seek tomorrow with a new joy in our hearts. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was one that spoke to my heart, words everyone needs to hear at some point in their lives. Tragedy touches us all at one time or another, this is a great gift for someone going through pain and seeking their way out. Although our circumstances may not change we can find joy in every minute we take our eyes off us and our circumstances and place them on the Lord. Leslie Vernick, a licensed clinical social worker with a private counseling practice, has authored "Defeating Depression, The Emotionally Destructive Relationship, and others." She completed postgraduate work in biblical counseling and cognitive therapy. Leslie and her husband, Howard, have been married more than 30 years and have two grown children.


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