Saturday, November 21, 2009

EXPOSER by Brandilyn Collins

Danger is following Kaycee, or is it her imagination? Is everything what it seems to be, is she really being stalked? Kaycee writes a newspaper column about her fears, and just how to overcome the fears that we face everyday. Everything is changing in Kaycee's world as she experiences things she cannot explain. She is seeing things that others are not. We find that it's not all in Kaycee's mind, things are happening, things forgotten, things from the past are coming alive to haunt Kaycee. Will she fall into her fears or will she overcome them, facing them head on? I loved this book. It is another one from Brandilyn Collins that makes you hang on to the edge of your seat for the ride, not knowing where it is going. Thats what I love about Brandilyn, she is talented, and every book keeps you wanting more, and never finding out what happens until the end. If you love thrillers, if you enjoy suspense, Brandilyn is your girl to take you for a ride that always brings you right to the Savior, engaging you in your faith.


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