Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4 mugs

This weekend as some of the women from our church gathered to share laughter, tears, and the wonderful company of each other we did something amazing. As we walked in and got settled, we got to pick out a mug. As we each picked out our mug, not knowing really what the meaning was, we soon found out. Whoever shared a mug like yours was your partner at your table for the weekend, she was your friend at your table, and at each table there happened to be four. At my table I had some great girls to share with, and I have to say this way my favorite part of the weekend. To get to be together with an old friend, to understand one friend on a whole new level and to get to know a new one was a blessing. God knew just what He was doing when each of us picked up those mugs, it was a beginning to a wonderful weekend. Many times we think we have nothing in common with another, many times we think we just don't know them, at times we keep to our inner circle and we are afraid to open up to new people, when we let these emotions take over we are hurting ourselves, but when we decide to let go, to open up and to just let God work, we gain blessings to carry us for a lifetime. At our table with our 4 mugs we shared a great deal, we laughed even more, and as the tears fell we all understood, we were able to lift one another up, to give each other that push we needed, and to know just how much our sisters need prayer. When we decide to give, when we decide to open our hearts up to others we begin also to know just who we are. Sometimes as women, as moms, as wives, as caregivers to our parents, as homeschool moms, as women who work outside of the home as well as inside, we can get so busy, we can let our hurts build up, we can begin to ignore our needs of our hearts, and when we do, we are not able to be all who we were meant to be. We need to be able to get away, to share, to open up with other women who know our pain, who share in our struggles and who understand. We found this with our 4 mugs for just a weekend, but it was enough to let go for awhile, to make new friendships, to cherish old ones, and to love those around us. For our faith to grow, we must walk with Christ, and while we are walking why not have some sisters with us to join in our walk, to join in lifting each other up along the way. I am thankful for my mug, I will cherish it, for it brought me closer to three other ladies, and closer to Christ by opening up my heart, by listening, by sharing, and by just being me. I hope you can have a day like we shared, there are some mugs out there for you too, be brave, step out of your circle and see what special gift God has for you~


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